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Housewife Duties - Dev continuing 2022 probably

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WARNING: The current open build of the mod is very light and different compared to the current developer build so when it is released fully, please replay all missions since they will be different to this build. Thanks

I'm near actually finishing the main story so the mod probably won't have another update until it's finished!

"As a new modder, I wanted to do a new concept on the usual SHAR storyline, so I added a twist." - Me January 2017


After a normal day of cleaning and housewife duties, she drops off Lisa, Bart and Maggie at Milhouse's but as she returns home, she finds that Homer has eaten all the Lovely Sounding Ice cream with mini pies in. After going to the shops, events unfold, but I'm not saying the events, you can find them out yourself.


New Missions: Missions to play as you explore Springfield to find out who is behind all the weird stuff happening around the town you live.

New dialogue: Totally amazingly edited dialogue to suit the plot and make it easy to follow.

No Aliens!: Thank God no more Aliens, they annoy the hell out of me.

New Cars: New cars that tell the story and also add a bit of fun.

This is the original version of it. 0.32. Enjoy.

Download 0.32
I believe Max had already mentioned me before, but I wouldn't mind trying out the Beta if you're looking for testers!

I will admit the mission images made me go "Oh cool" rather than "Oh nice", however.
I'd be interested in being a beta tester.
Sounds neat! I'd be willing to play the beta.
Beta testers:
Kenny Giles
Max Walker

Might be willing to do five if anyone else is up for it. I will be making a Discord soon for it.
@XLittleSparrowX ill be up for it
[deleted user]
7 yrs ago (Statistics)
I am up for it. I'm a bit late to the party though!
It really has potential! I might be up for it too.
Looks awesome! Probably late but, i'd be happy to help in testing out this mod. Looks interesting :)
Open Beta is out!

Please read the readme for bugs and stuff. Overall, enjoy yourselves...

Collector cards nowhere near done!

Missions 0-2 and a bonus mission are included with other surprises.!j0VzHSCQ!b4N5PNjjZrfVxWB9wHrUSdDeUCJUCkicTVW1mho2QJE