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Switching playable character to NPC

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I've looked through the forums and haven't found a real solution to this issue. I've been trying to make the playable character in Level 1 Ned instead of Homer, but it stays Homer no matter what.
Excerpt from modified rewards.mfk
BindReward( "ned", "art\chars\ned_m.p3d", "skin", "defaultskin", 1 );
BindReward( "ned", "art\chars\ned_m.p3d", "skin", "forsale", 1, 100, "interior" );
BindReward( "ned", "art\chars\ned_m.p3d", "skin", "forsale", 1, 125, "interior" );
BindReward( "ned", "art\chars\ned_m.p3d", "skin", "skin", "forsale", 1, 150, "interior" );
Is this something to do with the fact that Ned isn't a playable character in the base game, or is there something else that needs to be changed?
Perhaps this will help:

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