Half-Life 2 Scout Car

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You'd be surprised what you can find at the Springfield junk yard.

This mod adds the scout car from Half-Life 2 as a driveable vehicle. It is fast and agile but cannot take much of a beating because of its rather... lightweight design. The car can be bought from Gil in level 1 for 160 coins.

Known Issues:
Wheels are wobbly.
Car may be unbalanced. I'm not sure. Leave feedback.
Some drivers may look weird.

Download here!

Please give me feedback on any issues you have with the mod, this is my first proper mod for the game and so may have problems. This mod is decompileable, so feel free to use it (please give me credit!) or study it to learn how it works.
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6 yrs ago (Statistics)
Mod is great! A couple more HL2 vehicles, and then we can start making full HL2 campaign :D
(P.s. I'm glad I'm helped with the mod c:)
love it
Minor update: I've updated the car to correctly show it's stats in the phone and buy menus.
Good work.
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1 yr ago (Statistics)
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