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Automatically enable a few more in-game cheats?

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I happen to use a computer that uses multimedia keys in place of the function keys, and it's a big pain when it comes to switching to function keys and back. As you may know, people can enable cheats by going to the options menu, holding F1, and entering a code with the arrow keys. Since my computer primarily uses multimedia keys, I can't input the cheat codes. I see that there's already a mod that enables the "Speedometer" cheat, so it looks like it's possible to add more mods to automatically enable more cheats. Could anybody add a few more mods that automatically enables the following cheats (or all of the cheats, not just the ones in this list, for the sake of convenience for everybody):

1. More camera views (Kull cam, Spy cam, Chase cam, etc)
2. Horn makes vehicle jump (I know this exists when the "Cheat Keys" mod is enabled, but my horn button is more comfortable to press than the 7 key)
3. Invincible vehicle
Have you tried hitting the FN key then F1?
Yes, and neither did the "cheat is valid" nor "cheat is invalid" sounds play. I do remember that they did play when I switched the multimedia keys to function keys.