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[Mod] Asphalt Rivals - Official Thread

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Asphalt Rivals, while late on schedule by 21 days, it is finally here! AR offers you an improved feel of Street Racing in a game not so much about street racing! 3 Re-textured cars, and several hud changes! (As of AR 1.0)
All of the Changes will be noted in the Change Log file that comes with the mod! (Please read it if you want to know what's new!)
UPDATE: Removed download.



I downloaded it and it is a .rar file, do I put it in the mods folders as per usual?
Yeah. The changelog is just there to let you know what's new. Just put .lmlm file in your mods folder and boot it up! Hope you have fun! :D
What exactly is this mod about? So far, I've played the first two missions; everything is the same except for some texture/color swaps on certain things on the HUD. None of the cars in the phone booth look any different.
Well, the phone booth looks weren't changed, just the cars you see here were changed.
I'm kinda sad that everyone ignored the mod, so the next update (Asphalt Rivals 1.1) will feature several fixes of the textures, several new retextured cars, and a ported car. An exotic car for everyone to enjoy! (P.S. : It's an Audi.)
In all fairness, it's less of the fact that everybody is ignoring it, but I think most people are confused as to what the mod offers in it's current state.

You might want to add a description to the original post explaining what the mod does, and what it currently replaces and plans to add. The images are nice and always a pleasure to have on a thread to see what you're looking into, but more context might be appropriate in this case.

That being said, most of the re-textures look pretty good.
Thank you for the feedback, Kenny! Well, i guess i should modify the post a bit so people would know what it offers but most of things that have been added or removed would be in the Changelog file that comes with the mod itself.
Asphalt Rivals Changelog
Completed Development INITIALLY
Expected Release Date - Failed
Initial Release
Moved Textures and Development entities to ADB Folder

What exactly is changed in the mod? Is it just retextures? I asked this a couple days ago, and the answer you gave didn't really answer my question.

Also, you happened to release this on hte day of SS update 3.1. Not only that, but nobody even seemed to notice that on the forums.
At the moment, yes, it is just retextures, also, wow i never really noticed. I haven't been on the forums for quite some time because i lost interest in SHAR.