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Homer's Day Off

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(Disclaimer: This Mod Is Meant To Have Long Missions On Purpose!, If You Want Shorter Missions I Will Think About it.)
Homer Is Back With An Another Adventure!, Well A Day Off At Least.

Homer J Simpson Was Forced To Have 2 Day's Off Due To His Enough Trouble At The Power Plant, During His Day Off A Suspicious Pickup Truck Was Parked Right In Front Of His House, It Looks Like Someones Spying On The Simpsons, Will He Find Out Whats The Meaning Of This?

2 Story Levels
Unique And Long Missions!
Multiple Vehicles By Jack!
Character Hud Icons Remastered!
And Much More!

Download: (keep note that this is only a demo version of the mod. some things will change when i can)

Known Issues
Grammar Mistakes (some of it) (fixed in the next update)
Pickup Truck Is Moveable And Pushable, And If It Moved Stays Like That Before Mission 2
The Hit And Collect Mission (mission 0) timer doesn't fail when it runs out of time (fixed in the next update)
Pretty solid. Love the mission ideas, IDK if this was a mistake on your part, but in the tutorial mission the timer runs out but the mission doesn't fail you.

I love how you added new hi-res character HUD icons, also how you used SomeBot's HUD tweaks. For some reason the radar looks more, ahem, "Comfortable" if you will, being black and all. Looks like you put effort and stuff into your mod, and I can respect that.

One thing that I can say is, the background of the newspaper shots kill my eyes. I think you should raise the brightness down, just a Itiny bit

Other than that, I give this a 9/10! Can't wait to see what this mod holds in the future!
Good, but please add an internal name so the staff can add a banner :)
wow... 5 months and nobody seems to cared about this mod anymore, maybe if I at least get my hands of my simpsons hit and run folders in my laptop, i'll see bringing it back and finish it once and for all.
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6 yrs ago (Statistics)
This mod's dead alongside its 2018 version. Perhaps I should reimagine this mod once more and finish it this time, lol
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you should do it
It was a okay mod I played till mission 5 until I realized it might not be done but still good mod!