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Mod Launcher, Recently Played, and Bugtracking?

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I've been playing Donut Mod again, having been a few months since last playing SHAR. I set up my Mod Launcher to tie into my Donut Team profile. Question I had, and I thought of this after experiencing the infamous L1M3 crash, is, is it possible to use Mod Launcher, along with that feature to tie into a profile, for the purpose of bugtracking or seeing what went wrong with a mod? It occurred to me that if Mod Launcher can communicate mods played, maybe it can also be used to communicate errors, crashes, and bugs? If a seperate opt in feature were made for that, I would certainly go for it.
Great idea. I've suggested it to Lucas and Loren and we'll look into seeing what we can do.

The biggest problem is crash dumps can (sometimes) be fairly big, so that can take a long time/lot of bandwidth to upload on the user's end. We'll need to properly address this and see what we can do to mitigate this.
How big is big? My suggestion would be for dumps over a certain threshold in size, a dialog box that comes up stating the size of the information that would be sent, requiring confirmation to send.
Each of them seem to be between 2 MiB and 3.4 MiB.

If it automatically sends them, it could be a lot of bandwidth used on the user's end. For example, Lucas has 3 GiB of crash dumps. That's a lot of crashes. If we do add something like this, we'll probably have a way of sending it from the mod launcher optionally.

We're still discussing it, but greatly appreciate the suggestion!