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Voice Acting

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Hi, I only just found this mod last week and after playing Donut Mod 3 I couldn't help but notice that the voice acting in that last mission isn't great quality (no offence to anyone, I mean the acting was good just the quality of the audio). I'm not a voice actor but I do have access to professional recording booths and would be able to provide something for the mod that would sound a lot better? If this is something that interests you please get back to me as I would love to help contribute to this amazing work you are doing. Also sorry if this shouldn't be a forum post I couldn't see a way to send a direct message on this site, so I hope someone who can get back to me sees this.

Thank you very much!
Yeah, one of our team members had recorded that dialog then with a pretty bad microphone so that's understandable.

I'm interested in your proposal here so I'll have to talk to the team about it and we'll get back to you soon.
Thank you very much!