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Storm Over Springfield (2.0)

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A storm is coming to Springfield and Homer, being the responsible father, has to prepare the family for what awaits them...

Screenshots (Click to Open)

  • 8 brand-new story missions
  • A new bonus mission
  • 3 bonus challenges
  • New vehicles
  • New costumes
  • New interiors
  • And loads more!

Known Bugs
  • In the Wager Race, Fat Tony can be seen at the side of the road and also in his car. This cannot be fixed for whatever reason.
    • The same thing applies to Chalmers in the Bonus Mission.
  • The fog effect in M7 can look slightly glitchy in places due to the way the game handles transparency.
  • Using Bumper Cam in M7 causes the fog to disappear, which is a limitation of how Bumper Cam works and cannot be fixed.

Changelog (Click to Open)
Version 2.0
  • General:
    • Made the mod decompilable.
    • Added checkpoints to every mission.
    • Made new models for every costume.
    • Made new models for the following vehicles:
      • Ned's Geo Metro
      • Duff Blimp
      • Orange Station Wagon
    • Improved the model for the Pontiac Astro Wagon.
    • Replaced the models for Lenny, Carl, and Louie's cars with the updated versions from Cops: in Springfield.
    • Replaced the model for the Family Sedan with the updated version from my standalone 'Roofed Family Sedan' mod.
    • Improved the damage model for the Family Sedan.
    • (Slightly) improved the hood texture for the '79 Honda Accord.
    • Tweaked the stats in the phonebooth to be more accurate to the actual vehicles.
    • Improved the model for Principal Skinner.
    • Replaced the custom model for Superintendent Chalmers with a modified version of his model from The Simpsons Game.
    • Fixed a line of dialogue for Chalmers that was mistakenly removed.
    • Converted all custom audio from RSD to OGG.
    • Updated the ambience sounds to loop better, and also replaced all outside ambience sounds rather than just one.
    • Replaced the old Beta Tester collector cards with new collector cards featuring storm-related items.
      • The old cards were pretty poorly written and also very out of date for...various reasons, so I figured it would just be easier to replace them completely rather than trying to fix them.
    • Made all hit-and-collect missions have mission-specific 'Item Dropped!' text. Previously, only M5 did ('Duff Dropped!').
    • Improved the radar sprites.
    • Replaced the Mission Fail screen sprite with the updated version from Cops: in Springfield.
    • Added a message to the 'View Movies' screen and the 'Game Stats' page of the Scrapbook (since they don't work as intended).
    • Probably more stuff that I forgot to write down!
  • M0:
    • Removed the crappy custom icons I had made for the Kwik-E-Mart and Grocery Store.
      • These were some of the very first things I made for the mod, and I was originally planning on making custom icons for every building (for some reason) but never did. As such, I figured I should probably just remove them since they're...not very good.
    • Made the trigger for the Grocery Store less finicky to hit.
  • M1:
    • Reworked the mission to make more sense to a casual player.
      • In the original mission, you had to follow Jasper around in the Bonestorm Truck until he stops - the reason being that Jasper is the driver of the Bonestorm Truck in the original game. However, it occured to me after watching some casual playthoughs of the mod that uh...99% of people aren't going to know that. So, I've reworked this segment entirely: now you need to follow a trail of elderly people's items to find the Retirement Home Bus, and follow it until it stops (and Jasper gets out). I think this makes much more sense.
    • Made the trigger for the Community Center larger.
    • Replaced the awkward workaround to add Grampa to your vehicle at the end of the mission with an ASF Passenger command.
  • M2:
    • Improved the model for the burlap sack.
  • M3:
    • Improved the sentence mixing in the starting conversation (it's still not perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better).
    • Made the first aid kit inside the school use a smaller model.
    • Made the stage for driving back to the Flanders' house use the HUD icon for the house, rather than Ned (the icon for the house didn't exist when this mission was developed, hence why it wasn't used).
  • M4:
    • Made the trigger for Lard Lads larger.
    • Adjusted the dialogue for when you arrest Snake.
    • Made Snake appear in the back of your car after he is arrested.
  • M7:
    • Made this mission no longer a forced car mission (since it's no longer reguired to be).
    • Improved the fog effect drastically by adding more layers.
    • Disabled peds and parked cars during the mission.
    • Disabled jump cameras during the mission to prevent a visual bug with the fog effect.
    • Made it so that the tornadoes de-spawn upon cancelling the mission.
    • Made it so that your vehicle's position is reset after both dialogue stages to prevent it being destroyed during the conversation.
    • Changed the route that Smithers takes to hopefully reduce the chances of a softlock occurring.
    • Reimplimented some unused tornado spawn points for the Smithers chase (I think I just forgot to add these originally).
    • Replaced the vanilla game's broken key model with a fixed version.
    • Made it so your car is automatically repaired when you enter Burns' Mansion, to prevent bugs that would occur if your car was completely destroyed.
    • Replaced the awkward workaround to add Bart to your vehicle at the end of the mission with an ASF Passenger command.
      • This should hopefully fix the strange teleport bug that sometimes happens in this part of the mission.
    • Made the music for the ending of the mission 'Never Trust a Snake' as opposed to 'Bart 'N' Frink', as I feel it fits better (and is also just a better song. Dunno why I went with Bart 'N' Frink in the original).
    • Reworked the final tornado chase significantly to better reflect my original plan for the mission (due to vehicle limits I was unable to do this in the original mod).
  • BM:
    • Made it so that starting this mission during the M7 premission correctly causes traffic to spawn (previously it did not).
    • Made the trigger for the second Krusty Burger less finicky to hit.
  • SR2:
    • Replaced the dollar bill collectible with the one from Cops: in Springfield.
Version 1.06
  • Improved the interior models, and made a new Bible Camp Bus model.
Version 1.05
  • Removed the requirement for Additional Characters to be installed, as it is likely being discontinued soon. Updated the credits to reflect this.
Version 1.04
  • Finally fixed the M7 crash (big thanks to Loren and Lucas for that) so now you can finally play as Mr. Plow and not worry about your game crashing!
Version 1.03
  • Hopefully fixed a crash at the end of M7, and also other general improvements to gameplay.
Version 1.02
  • Added a brand new Wager Race, replacing the old one from Version 1.0.
Version 1.01
  • Fixed an voiceline that had an incorrect sample rate, causing a game crash.
Version 1.0
  • Initial release.

So with that all out of the way, here is the download!

[deleted user]
6 yrs ago (Statistics)
Concept of the mod is cool, and the mod itself is pretty easy and really enjoyable, good work Colou!
New interior is really something cool, I now wonder how to make Custom Interiors
Can't wait to see more :P
Just discovered a glitch in the mod, will be fixed as soon as I discover the problem.
Occasionally while entering the garage the game may freeze.
For now, just save and exit the game before entering. This should fix it temporarily.
Good mod
[deleted user]
6 yrs ago (Statistics)
Can't believe I haven't thought of this for one of my mods!

- Thomas
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6 yrs ago (Statistics)
What exactly do you mean by 'doesn't load'? Does it not appear in the mod launcher? Does it crash when it starts up? Can you load other mods just fine?
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6 yrs ago (Statistics)
Like I asked before, what do you mean by 'doesn't load'?
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6 yrs ago (Statistics)