Simpsons Hit & Run video ideas

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Hello everyone, as some of you knew I did lots of Simpsons Hit and Run content 2 years ago and want to do more again, but bigger edited videos (like top 10s ect) so I thought I'll ask for suggestions if you got any ideas for videos (they don't even have to be Shar related (for example another Simpsons games or another game entirely) if you got a really good suggestions)

Thank you,
top 10 community mods
top 10 missions with walk throughs
top 10 glitches
top 10 cars
worst 10 errors in the game, e.g flanders hand, marge being clled "marage"
top 10 hacks (by DT)

just a few ideas
Top 10 best (or worst) missions (SHAR)
Worst to Best Simpsons games
*GTA V vs GTA IV* where did that come from?
He said he wanted some ideas other than SHAR, I couldn't think of any other ideas.
The problem with the GTA thing, I haven't played much of either games so I wil probably wait til I play both to compare them.
top 10 top 10s about top 10 lists