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A silly mod to mix up your SHAR experience by randomising vehicles, characters, music and a bunch of stuff.
Can add a bit of variety to the game for people who play it a lot (speedrunners, for example) or who like dumb things.
Incredibly customisable to randomise the game your way(tm) and infamous for doing unusually horrifying things in Lua.

This is is now version 2.0 because there's a lot of crazy new features and it's mostly stable. Note that it's very possible you *will* crash the game,
there are a lot of unusual cases to this game and randomising everything is very complicated. Please play with saves!


Download/Issues/etc are on Github here:
Please check the Randomiser website's setting page for information on the options (there's a lot)

The compiled version is available on the releases page:

Copy the mod file (.lmlm) to your Mods folder (usually Documents\My Games\Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher\Mods).

Run the Mod Launcher and change the settings to match your needs, then play the game.

For random dialogue and random custom cars extra setup is necessary: Please check the Randomiser website's setting page for information on the setup and more.

The best way to contribute is to play the mod and report crashes with as much information you can provide!

The mod is open source and all code contributions are welcome, please consider reading CONTRIBUTING for more detail on the best ways to help!

Potential Limitations/Issues
  • Missions will spawn you where you start if you restart the mission once, this is because adding a forced car teleports you.
  • The list of cars to chose from is built into the script and so if you use mods which add extra cars they won't be chosen, and if a mod removes cars the game will crash if the randomiser picks it. There is now Custom Cars support to add extra cars, but it requires some work!
  • Your car will vanish at the end of the mission, even if you are in it. Again this is because of how forced cars work.
  • There is a spot where random characters will be sat in mid air. This is due to how passengers/drivers work.
  • The game probably will crash, this is because the mod is complicated and the game does not appreciate a lot of changes
[deleted user]
5 yrs ago (Statistics)
Nice mod!

Particularly if anyone knows a way to get a list of cars in game?
You can "see" the "list" of the cars by entering the art/cars folder in the game's directory
This is a very nice idea that puts large amounts of replayability into the game.
But I think that this could be taken a step further.
Here are a few recommendations for future updates. It's up to you if you want to implement them or not.
I think that the next thing you need to do with this is randomize the cars that the AI uses, and make the AI cars use paramiters (.con files) for the car that is randomly chosen, not the parameters made specifically for that mission. (for example, if you are doing a race mission, such as S-M-R-T or Getting Down With the Clown, and the F1 car is chosen, you are going to have a tough time, but if the donut truck is chosen, it will be really easy, and for a destroy mission, if the speed rocket is chosen, it will be very easy, but if something like the armored car is chosen it will be very hard) This would add lots more replayability to the game, and makes the difficulty unpredictable as well, like how randomizer tools for other games such as Pokemon and Mario do.
Also I think that it would also be a nice touch if you could randomize the traffic cars and the bonus cars as well.
Again, these are just some recommendations. It is up to you to decide whether to implement them or not.

Also, I'm not sure whether this should be considered a bug or not, but when I was doing the mission "Petty theft Homer", the car randomly chosen was the Family Sedan, and there were two Homers in the car! One in the driver's seat and another in the passenger's seat.
Very cool.

I submitted a pull request
I have been pleasantly surprised by the popularity of the mod, so thanks guys! Based on testing and a lot of people using it I have decided to mark the latest fix as 1.0 as all the missions seem to work properly. (And an off-by-one error in my Lua arrays was fixed thanks to Jake's pull request, thanks!). I'll probably look into some new features/randomisation soon.

Random traffic cars/pedestrians is something suggested that should be rather easy.

As for randomising mission AI cars, I'll investigate how well the game can handle it, such a change would be an option as I know some people would rather them not change. In general as most changes will be with Lua I will try to keep them all as options, as long as the mod settings page doesn't become too messy.

The two homers in the car thing is not a bug that I believe I could fix, I guess it's related to how the game treats forced cars. Still, I probably wouldn't want to fix it because I find it quite amusing and the whole mod is rather bizarre anyway.
The mod has been updated recently with a lot more randomisations for everyone to enjoy.
The README ( has also been updated to explain the settings.
[deleted user]
5 yrs ago (Statistics)
Interesting mod! I just tried it now and it's really funny. I didn't play any missions with it yet, I just checked each level to see what cars would spawn on streets with what drivers and it seems the results were pretty good. In first level for example I got a couple of interesting results such as one of traffic vehicles being the RC car that was driven by Grampa and the two different School Buses. In level 4 I got two Marges in traffic with different vehicles (one was driving the red brick car, other the 70's Sports Car). In level 5 I even got the unused AUDI TT vehicle driven by Snake. And in level 7 I got the police vehicles (Police Car driven by Wiggum, while both Chase Sedan and Hearse driven by Homer) as traffic vehicles. It was pretty funny combination.

Anyways, I have a suggestion judging by what I have tested: could you also add the rest NPCs in game being drivers selected as random as well? The only ones I've seen driving are the main characters and drivers that are owners of certain vehicles (and the zombie that is driving the Zombie Car in the original game) but I hope to see the rest Simpsons characters also appearing to drive (and this also includes the playable characters with their other clothes as well) and even the random NPCs/pedestrians would be interesting to see driving as well. Just to add a little more variety for the game.
This post has been removed.
5 yrs ago (Statistics)
I'm a major contributor to this mod. We released 1.8 the other day:

  • Adds the ability to randomise the couch character

  • Changed the limits on random car stats to make them fairer (credits to Gadie)

  • Fixed a bug on a few missions/races which would crash due to dialogue related issues if Random Player Character was enabled
  • Fixed a bug where if a mission or race used a traffic car, that car wouldn't be randomised

Also, @[redacted], someone forwarded your request on GitHub and I replied there. The general response is it's something I'm going to look into, but I'm not certain if it's possible (there's a chance that only the models that were to drive had something to make them drivers).
[deleted user]
5 yrs ago (Statistics)
Thank you for releasing a new version and for mentioning that someone forwarded my request. I wasn't even aware someone did that for me and I really appreciate that.

As for the requests, I still hope someday for seeing everything randomized in this mod. The mod should also be renamed to just Randomizer mod to better reflect the changes since the newer versions also randomize other things than just the cars.