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hi do you know of a ford anglia like the flying car from harry potter will if you do i was wondering if you could make one for the simpsons like what you did with the cannis bodis if you do make i really would like doors to work if you to make this then thanks if not then thanks for listening anyway :)
If you can find me a 3D model of it I can surely put it in the game.
where might i find dont think this is right

or can you transfer this

or even this car

i have no idea how this works
I can get the 3d model of the anglia from Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets PC but i need to install it again
ok that would be appreciated if youi did but will the developers be able to make it have working doors or would the model from gta sa anglia mod be better ??
I tried making a car with working doors before but it's a bit trickier than making one without them.
 can you get the texture from gta sa ford anglia mod if not i got the one from harry potter game

this is the gta sa textures/rumpo files that came with the mod pack:
did anything come of this ?