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"Bring back #shar-general on the Discord" (Very late success)

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May 20 2021

It's back to normal.

July 20 2018

Because a lot of people were not satisfied with the name change of #shar-general to #simpsons-hit-and-run in the Discord for some reason, Jake challenged us to post one thread requesting for the channel to be restored to its former glory.

This thread needs to receive at least 100 upvotes before July 24th. Well, this thread is the starting point. Upvote this post if you want #simpsons-hit-and-run to be renamed back to #shar-general. If you're truly that desperate for a simple name change, tell all of your stranger friends all about this and make accounts here to upvote this if they haven't already. But don't you go telling them that they can spam alts. We all know the staff won't be pleased about them even if they're not for this challenge.

And to prove that I'm not just begging for upvotes because I'm lonely, here are the messages Jake sent to everyone about this.

inb4 no one complains about #simpsons-road-rage not getting changed back to #srr-general and #mod-help not getting changed back to #shar-mod-help

EDIT1: Apparently, the people who criticized the name change were just meme-ing, but let's see if you people will still reach the goal.

EDIT2: The deadline was reached. You people didn't even reach 10% of the goal, including the upvotes from 2 of the staff members here.
Wait a minute. Isn't Jake supposed to be tweeting about this thread?