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A bunch of Pure3D Editor suggestions

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Heya, it's Danny, back-in-order with some suggestions about the P3D editor!

  • I suggest to add a Import All Textures From Folder option to allow users who want to edit levels to import textures exported from another P3D with a merge/replace menu . Example: I want to add the rich side to level 7. I know i must add every texture from l1_terra or l4_terra into l7_terra since It doesn't contain textures for absent parts. Ok, It would be very good to be able to export all textures in a folder and import them all in another file with a Merge/Replace menu to avoid wrong replacements instead of having to import one texture per time.
  • Same thing could be done with collisions. If i want to add that rich side to level 7(for example) , i could use an Import All Collisions option with Merge/Replace menu.

PS: both the objects (texures and Collisions) have an exporting option but not an importing one.

I hope my suggestions will be considered.
Danny (just to declare,i'm Alphy16 and i just switched to my true italian name, Daniele)
It could be Pure3D Editor 5.
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