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I have an idea for a Shelbyville map to be made sometime?
Thanks for the suggestion, very cool! Maybe someday someone will be able to do just that.
I can give it a go if you would like, I can't promise anything good however
All i can picture is a mirrored Springfield for a Shelbyville mod.
Jake I must be honest I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not but I'm gonna go with you're not, so thanks and I know you guys can do it.

Stoner_Simpson_72, yeah I get what you're saying, wide appearances of it were in "Lemon of Troy" where it had everything Springfield had but Shelbyville styled, but I don't see why new stuff can't be added to this mod?
[deleted user]
5 yrs ago (Statistics)
Nah, Jake wasn't being sarcastic. It is a cool idea, and I know basic plans for one were being made at one point, but I have no idea what happened with those.