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Removed Car Wreckage in Level 2

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Here's a little mod that does exactly what it says in the title, removing the car wreckage in Level 2!

Level 2 has a nasty little car crash in the Matlock Expressway that makes it much harder to drive around certain areas, blocking the player from taking certain routes and instead having to take the long road around the highway instead. This mod fixes that. It's also decompilable, so that you can use it in your own mods too!

In the future I may do level 5 as well, but at the moment this is all I've got. Enjoy!
[deleted user]
5 yrs ago (Statistics)
This is awesome! Keep the good work up, Colou!
You've accomplished more with this mod than Quimby has during his entire tenure as mayor. Nice job.
Amazing. Just a suggestion: maybe you could tweak the missions in which you have to drive through the Expressway so that they'll coincide with the open roads. For example Bart 'n' Frink, when you race against Snake.

You could do that in another release, but it's just a suggestion. Keep it up! :)
I'd love too...except that road doesn't have any Road Nodes on it, meaning AI vehicles can't drive through there. It's a shame, but something that should be possible once the Map Builder eventually comes out. But that's looking like a long way away.
Wow, thanks. This would be great in sharmp