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Anyone know what this cue was meant for, and why it wasn't used? I know it was found in the level 4 folder, but I've also heard people claim it was meant for level 7 and misplaced. I actually e-mailed Marc Baril about it, and he said it "Might have been a bug, or just a file that didn't sound good."

I'm actually surprised a Creepypasta hasn't been made about it, considering it sounds slightly unsettling and has an odd backstory.
Could u send a link to it?
It doesnt sound unsettling to me.
A creepypasta for this would probably sound something silly along the lines of "This was made using the screaming of dying children" or "It wasn't used because it caused animals to go suicidal when played out loud". Y'know something silly xD
It would sound creepy if it didn't have that joyful last chord