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We're looking for new Donut Bot introduction messages!

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Hey everyone,

With the introduction of the new site, we added in a new feature that will now introduce a user when they join our Discord.

Today we're asking you to create a new saying!

  • Make it related to Donut Team, the Donut Team community or any related games/content.
  • Make sure it's appropriate for the community.
  • Make sure to include {Username} in your text. This will be used to substitute in the user's username.
  • Self-promotion is okay if it's related to the joke/introduction, just don't go to heavy on it. This is about welcoming a user, not advertising.
  • You may submit as many as you want. Please make sure they're separated in a way we can tell they're not the same.

Also, not required, but using a [code][/code] tag would be helpful if you're submitting multiple in the same post.

Not all submissions will be picked, but those who are picked will
  • have your submission included and seen whenever a new user joins our Discord server!
  • receive a profile badge

To be announced

Welcome {Username}, you can get your complementary donut in the next door on your left.
{Username} has joined the server. Let the games begin.
The one and only {Username} has joined.
Changelog: Donut Team server was buffed with the addition of {Username}.
Psst, welcome {Username}. We've been waiting for you. :eyes:
Took you awhile {Username}, welcome.
Lucas' Discord Server Joiner was a success! {Username} is here!
Hello {Username}. If you're here to claim donuts, you're in the wrong server buddy.
{Username} leaked Donut Mod 4. Give them a special welcome.
EDIT 1: So, I've added even more stupid sayings that won't be picked up 'cause they're stupid

Ok, some stupid sayings incoming
Didn't really think about details, but still, here's three suggestions
Ah, {Username}, welcome! I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable modding!

Welcome to Donut Team, {Username}! No, Discord Donuts is next door

Hey, {Username}, you should try Do Nut Mod 4!
Here's mine and it's themed around modding!
	SetHUDIcon( "DonutBot" );
		AddNPC("{Username}","m1_join_place", DonutTeamDiscord);
I see some two of our suggestions back in August got accepted. I'll post some suggestions once I can actually think of any.
My list of suggestions was too big to simply be edited into my previous post, so here it is right here.

Welcome, {Username}! You may notice that some of us are also from the speedrunning server.
Welcome, {Username}! We're sick of seeing Discord's default welcome messages, so you get a special DonutBot welcome!
Table for {Username} please.
I hope {Username} will post in #shar-multiplayer to ask if anyone wants to play.
{Username} IS RED49! WELCOME, RED49!
Hi {Username}, will you go to the prom with me?
Welcome, {Username}. Can you add skulls on Bart's car?
G'day, {Username}.
Vote {Username} for president of Donut Team!
It's {Username}, Lucas' doppelganger!
Play the community mods, {Username}! Don't play any of Donut Team's trash.
Play the official mods, {Username}! Don't play any of the community's garbage.
Congratulations, {Username}! You're the 5000th member to join the server! HA! JUST KIDDING!
Server has joined the {Username}.
{Username} uses Internet Explorer. Praise them for their bravery.
Can someone tell me what is {Username}'s username again so I can welcome them properly?
Hi {Username}. Maybe one day you'll make a mod like the 8 of us here.
Oh no, it's {Username}! Lucas' archrival from the SHAR modding scene!
Hi {Username} and welcome to Introduction to SHAR Modding. First, I'd like for you to open your textbook and turn to page 40.
Hi {Username}. Did you know that we once had a channel called #shar-general?
Something tells me that {Username} is going to say something unpredictable.
It's {Username}! One of Radical Entertainment's former employees!
Homie, {Username} ate every dessert in the house. I need you to run to #general-discussion and pick up some of the welcome messages with the miniature "Hi's" in them.
Oh no. I borrowed all of {Username}'s stuff! Quick! Think of a welcome message and get out of here!
{Username} is the invisible curator in Curious Curator! Welcome them (if you can find them)!
Welcome, {Username}. Are you still reading through this entire list of suggestions I made?
{Username} was responsible for SHAR's rushed development. Give them an extra chance.
{Username} is the reason Metal Arms in Springfield only has two levels.
"How tough is {Username}?" How tough is {Username}?! {Username} beat Set To Kill with the Duff Truck.

Without the reset car glitch.
"How tough is {Username}?" How tough is {Username}?! They beat Metal Arms in Springfield on Nuts of Steel difficulty!

With the secret vehicle.
"How tough is {Username}?" How tough is {Username}?! They beat Donut Mod on Hellfish difficulty.

First try.
"How tough is {Username}?" How tough is {Username}?! They 100%'d Road Rage Returns.

Without the game crashing on them.
Somebody just joined, but I'm not telling you who it was. Guess who.

Um... yeah. I kind of got sick of following the rules at some point, so I got a little more creative.
Welcome, {username} to the ancient, mystic society of the Donut Team server! 
Did {username} just join or was it a hotdog dream?
{username} just joined. That's a paddin'.
Quit eating paste, {username}!
{username} doesn't want any damn vegetables!
Everyone welcome {username}, or you'll be as uncool as Milhouse.
Might edit this later to add some more.
{Username}      <<<===---  ASK IAN ABOUT THIS NEW USER

Hey {Username} this is Donut Bot from Donut Team, and welcome to the November 2018 welcome message.

Welcome to Donut Team {Username}! We have all kinds of cool things, like Donut Mod, SHARMP, and uh...did I mention Donut Mod?

The long-awaited Donut Mod 4 is here! Oh whoops, it's just {Username}. My mistake.

Welcome {Username}, you're our 534th user! Probably. I didn't bother checking.

Welcome {Username} to Donut Team, something something something... When do I get my paycheck?

*Uh oh, I accidentally banned {Username} instead of welcoming them. Quick! Just act casual and nobody will know!*

Welcome {Username}. Aren't you the same guy who deleted the Donut Mod 4 source code?

Sorry to interrupt your discussion, but {Username} is here.

{Username} has arrived, and is sure to regret that decision in the future.

Expect a message from {Username} in #shar-multiplayer in 3, 2, 1...

Happy Easter {Username}!

Also one of my old suggestions from back in August was used so does that count for getting the badge?
Could not welcome the user '{Username}'. Could not find file '/Meta.ini.'
{Username} doesn't oppose violent video games. Time to use violence to show them the error of their ways.
{Username} is in the server. I guess we're going to have to live with that.
{Username} is here for the breakfast churros. Lenny will be disappointed.
Someone just joined the server, I'll bet it was {Username}, that wrinkled old monkey skeleton.
{Username} just joined the server. Let's call them Jake and not tell them why.
Let's all give a warm welcome to the person we've all been waiting for, {Username}! No, I don't have any idea who they are, just play along.
Can someone please help {Username} with their hillbilly chores?
While you weren't looking, {Username} slithered into the server. You won't live to regret it.

Probably going to edit in a few more later but this is a start.

{Username} successfully dodged Lucas' hammer attack and has therefore earned their place in this server!
{Username}, surprisingly enough, is not on fire. Guess somebody's been slacking.
{Username} is probably going to spam the audit log by repeatedly clicking reactions in #welcome-page.
Someone tell Homer that {Username}, his replacement, just arrived.
I wasn't having a great day, but then {Username} joined. Now I'm having an awful day.
Welcome, {Username}. If you'd like to try your hand at a 'get banned' speedrun, go start a conversation in #mod-releases.
Hi there, {Username}. Am I pronouncing that right?
Glad to have you here, {Username}. If Loren mixes up "it's" and "its", feel free to yell at him.
{Username}, perhaps better known as "the one person who failed Cola Caper", has just joined. Please mock and belittle them to your heart's content.
I've run out of ideas, somebody else needs to welcome {Username}.
Ah yes, {Username}... Who are you again?
I don't like {Username}. They're coarse and rough and irritating and they just joined this server.
What a shame, {Username} found their way out of my attic.

I added more. Not sure if that's a good thing or not. I also didn't read the rules starting out so a bunch of these are probably rejected right off the bat.

Welcome, {Username}! Enjoy your stay!
Boy, would I look stupid if they thought this was the donut place and they wind up leaving.
Hi, {Username}!
T-that's your cue to say "Hi, DonutBot!"
I wonder if messages with newlines will even be considered...
Oh hi {Username}.
Hey everyone, this isn't Loren from Donut Team. Today I want to talk to you about {Username}. More specifically the fact that they just joined the server.

I added more, I need to stop. Someone help.
This first one is a variation of one of Some Bot's ideas.

How tough is {username}. How tough is {username)? {Username} beat Set to Kill on his first try!


A new user! He shall pay the ultimate price.


Vote Max W for moderator!


Donut Team: 5 days without an mod. Wait... That's not correct! Do'h!

{Username} joined Donut Team Discord and is S-M-R-T!

Note that the third one is purely a joke; no harm intended.
My already long list of suggestions is being extended with a new post.

Whoever welcomes {Username} first wins a free doughnut. And no, {Username}, you're not allowed to welcome yourself.
I didn't know {Username} had a street named after them.
Admins, help! {Username} joined and is using an aimbot in SHARMP.
{Username} killed the mockingbird. Ask them how they did it.
{Username}, I'd like to ask you a few questions. One: Where's the fife? And Two: Gimme the fife.
It seems today that all you see is {Username} joining and not watching TV.
Welcome, {Username}! Hey wait a second. Is that a bagel in your hand?
Welcome, {Username}! Hopefully you won't just immediately forget we exist in the next 3 minutes.
\*insert obligatory random welcome message for {Username}\*
Loren has added {Username} as a new character in the Additional Characters Resource Pack.
Welcome, {Username}! Would you like to be the first one to ever use the voice chat in this server?
Whatever you do, don't tell {Username} about the hidden Easter eggs in Donut Mod.
Hi, {Username}. Keep in mind that Loren is NOT a girl.
Welcome, {Username}. If you're here for console mods, you're in the wrong server.
Man, you'll never get {Username} into a ring. Modding causes brain damage. \*drinks varnish\*
Hey {Username}. Have you ever destroyed a tree with a single kick while facing away from it?
{Username} found a memory leak on the Donut Team site!
{Username} has set a new record for "Most Interesting Entrance to a Server"
Why did {Username} cross the road?

Trick question! {Username} was sitting with their device joining this server!
I wonder if {Username} joined this server so that they can speak without having to worry about their posts on the forum frequently getting downvoted...
Get ready, {Username}. You're about to experience some abnormal activity in this server.
Please don't tell me {Username} came here from somewhere relating to Steamed Hams.
My god, {Username}. You must really be insane if you're still reading this list of suggestions.
{Username} is from the future and is here to tell us that Donut Mod 4 is STILL not released.
{Username} Tries It: Joining a Server
Come play with us, {Username}. Forever. And ever. And ever.
I have a question for you, {Username}. Do you get offended when someone greets you?
You're late, {Username}. If you got here a second earlier, we would've awarded you the "I Showed Up In Time" badge on the forum.
Welcome, {Username}. Don't bother trying to find players for Cards Against Lucas. Nobody plays that crap.
Holy s***, it's {Username}! Welcome to the f****** server. How the f*** are you?
Remember when {Username} wasn't in this server? Yeah me neither.
:no_entry: You need a Donut Team Gold membership to view {Username}'s welcome message.
{Username} joined the server twice.
{Username} joined the server twice.