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More than 4 AI drivers without crashing?

Posted in Donut Mod
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I noticed in one of the challenges in Donut Mod that there were more than 4 AI drivers active (with none of them being traffic vehicles), which is usually the maximum number of AI drivers that can exist as far as I know. What's the "secret" to that? Is it because vehicles set to "chase" are handled in a way that doesn't make the game unstable compared to "race", "evade", or "target" since it doesn't need checkpoints in order for it to work?
Kenny had 5 in one mission, and when I pointed it out to him we had absolutely no idea how it happened.
Seconding what Loren said, my Level 3 Challenge 3 mission (Survival of the Smartest) has 5 AI cars active at once, and they're all set to "chase". It seems the game doesn't mind 5 AI cars at once being active as long as they're all set to chase. Setting them to anything else from the best of my knowledge causes the game to crash.

Again, no clue why it works, but it does. 

A word of warning if you design a mission like this is that it's probably best to leave the traffic off and to disable Hit & Run. I'm pretty sure having traffic enabled and having the police chase you can go over the amount of active cars SHAR can handle, which can probably cause crashing.