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My Opinions On The Release Of DM4.

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Hello, everyone I just wanted to share my opinion with you all today about what I think will happen with donut mod (Note. Jake, Loren, Kenny if you're reading this don't think its someone telling you to hurry up, I understand how hard it is to make a custom map and script 7 Missions.

Anyways, In my opinion
I think that donut mod will be coming on Christmas Day, the reason why I think this is because Loren posted "We plan to release Donut Mod 4 by the end of the month, therefore meaning near christmas/ new years, also the Gameplay Trailer was saying "Coming When Ready."

Anyways aside from that I would love to hear your opinion, if you have a theory just post and I'll respond, I'm sure I won't get any bad ones as pretty much everyone on the Donut Team platform are outstanding at producing content.

Keep up the good work everyone, if it were never for this site we would have no SHAR mods to make the game thrive after 15 Years.

I'm sorry to disappoint but Donut Mod is not coming out on Christmas as it is still not ready. It's coming along really well but there's still a good amount to do.

Right now the new map is about 80% done and L4M2 is starting to be discussed in greater detail. Kenny and I have been having discussions about our original concept over the past week or so and we've been exploring different ideas and methods of implementing it. We've also been having discussions about the level's side content like the bonus mission and street races.

Once the mod is more or less done, we also want to leave a healthy window of time to run a closed beta with a select pool of beta testers prior to release to refine it as much as we can and to make sure it's fun and enjoyable all the way through.

All that said, we do have some other exciting stuff including a new Mod Launcher update coming sometime soon (next couple weeks probably).
What I posted was only an opinion, which I thought was going to happen due to trailer clues but I'm not mad at anything, I know how hard it is & you're all doing a really good job. Definetly looking foward to seeing this mod in full swing & the map editor, There's no need to rush as you're doing a great job! Keep it up!