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Replace the character models in Hit and Run with Sonic Adventure models.

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I don't know how difficult this would be, but imagine Homer being Sonic, Bart being Tails, Lisa and Marge being either Knuckles or Amy, and either Big or the robot being Apu. And the creepy background NPC's being replaced by creepier background NPC's.
"Now to return these pieces of the Master Emerald before the cops find me sitting around talking to myself."
It's not currently possible and most likely will not be anytime soon.
Aww, that's to bad.
Maybe someday.
Technically it is actually possible, it just would look terrifying/awful. We (Nemesis) once put Aviators on Homer, however they didn't exactly work like they were supposed to. They floated above him and rarely would be in place when he jumps. So it's probably possible, just pretty difficult to execute properly or execute at all.