game keeps stuttering

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my game keeps stuttering i dont know what to do does anyone know how to fix this.
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First, which version of the game you are using? Also, what's your OS?
(Doubt I'm gonna help, not really experienced in this kind of stuff, but this info will surely be helpful to more experienced people, so that they can help you)
i am using windows 10 i have a pretty beefy system so its not my pc and im just using the standard 3 disc game
I'd say try installing lucas mod launcher. Even if you are not using mods, it has various fixes for the game.
Ok, how do you launch the game? Through the executable or via the Mod Launcher? What happens next? (i.e. how the game behaves, does it crashes, freezes, gives a black screen, and when it happens (right from the start, in the main menu, playing a level, etc))

EDIT: I misunderstood the meaning of the word "stutter", got it now. Thanks for your info, I don't really know what might be the issue, so I suggest you to wait for someone more experienced
Good luck!
i launch it through the mod launcher i get 63 fps it doesn't drop but the game is still stuttering somehow
it happens playing a level
You can try turning off the Frame Limiter and seeing if that helps. It's really not recommended because the game's physics get a bit wonky once you go over 60, but some people have said that has helped with their stuttering.

Another thing that may help is going in the launcher:
"Open..." > "Launcher Settings..." > "Game" tab > and enabling "Limit to Single Core"

Try these individually first and see if it helps at all.

i have turned it on no luck :(
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Same problem. Windows 10