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Unrecognized Game Version

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Everytime I try to launch simpsons hit and run with the multiplayer and mods it keeps saying Unrecognized game version I need help because I love this game
Probably you have a corrupted Version.
How do I get rid of the corrupted versiom
Did you purchase your copy of the game on disc, or did you download it off of the internet? If you DID download it, then that's probably the reason as to why the it is crashing. Pirated versions have been known to not work well with certain mod launcher/multiplayer/features.


Can you elaborate on "corrupted version". The only thing I can decipher that as is a game disc which was hacked or broken to the point of it crashing with the multiplayer.
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Does your copy of the game work if you try launching it without the MP launcher?
Sorry for being vague, by corrupted i mean , like DeepFriedBurger said, a possibly broken pirate version. These versions may cause issues with the launcher due to missing files (compressed 140mb versions without music and cutscenes are very common on the net). Try reinstalling the game, possibly getting a physic copy. PS: i'm not sponsorizing piracy, i know it's forbidden on this forum.
It depends on the circumstances if you are pirating illegally or legally. Since the game is not supported anymore on many occasions it’s considered legal. If your still not sure, if you have a physical copy of the game it’s perfectly fine to own a downloaded copy. If you don’t and it’s still an old game it should be legal. This is called abandonware