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The Electaurus

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So this is an issue I've always had on SHAR for PC. For some weird reason whenever I get into the Electaurus, the game immediately crashes, and when I started level 3 on DM3, I saw the Electaurus and I forgot all about the issue and once I tried to get in, the game crashed. I have zero idea why this happens. 

EDIT: I can't get into any vehicle in L3 without the game crashing now.
Did you pirate the game? It happened to me when I did
Far from proud of it, but yeah it was a free crack that was available ages ago. 
This is the torrent I have which works, here LINK REMOVED BY ADMINISTRATOR. PLEASE REFER TO THE RULES.
Pirated scrapped version doesnt have music am i right?
Just buy the damn game. I got it off ebay for £5.20 when my ps2 copy slewed itself, not too expensive. Works like a charm. 
i do have for ps2 and pc original's
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Please don't bump the thread if you have nothing significant to add. It's nice you legally own the game, but bumping a topic two months later just to say "I bought it at a decent" price doesn't exactly help anybody here.

Locking this topic now. Please try to avoid doing the same thing again.