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Ford Aerostar 2.0 Released and other goodies

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Hello! This is the new page for the Ford Aerostar car updates since the page I made last was 3 years old. But anyways, I am linking all of my Ford Aerostar mods for the community. Ford Aerostar 1.1 and Ford Aerostar 1.2 and the all new Ford Aerostar 2.0! Aerostar 1.1 is just an update of the buggy 1.0, which I removed But 1.1 was still not perfect. Even 1.2 was not perfect so I fixed it and even changed the way it looked drastically. Which you can see in the video above. Link to Mods:

Links to the Ford Aerostar mods:
[deleted user]
5 yrs ago (Statistics)
The intro is the best, lmao

Well, the shadow is a bit off, same for the collision, and the car feels non-fitting for the game, since, it's SHaR...Or it's me, not liking everything from the real world

But still, that's an interesting mod and a job well done!