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"Duplicate Videos"?

Posted in Donut Mod
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I've been looking for Donut Mod walkthrough videos and i stumbled across some unusual looking ones.
Some of them use the Minecraft Donut Mod description along with uncanny video quality.
Do you have any links, kind of interested to see what you mean.
Here's one.
Lol thats mine and its well old and i asked question before wich was answered
Wait a minute wtf!
....? I dont know what to say
that weirdo took my video!
Flagging. More likely i reported his channel for this all my videos are tooken and named like Minecraft Donut Mod, Descriptions are weird i dont even read them. I hope he gets banned. He took even my intro.
Heres a desc of that video:
(The Donuts Mod adds crazy donuts with powerful effects! Help me out and share it with your friends! Epic Shirts! Like my Facebook! .\n\nBugged.\n\nDonuts mod agrega a minecraft donas! las cuales podremos craftear muy facilmente y nos daran diversos efectos muy OP! Review e instalacion del Donuts mod para minecraft 1.6.4 en espaƱol .\n\nIn this episode I chase after an Ice Cream Truck, go vigilante on Skinner, get some collectibles and buy an awesome new costume! Mod Information: This is 'Donut Mod 3', a mod of 'The Simpsons:.\n\n)
I reported two of them one seems to name It Not Donut Mod Bug But minecraft DOnut Mod 9Yummy DOnuts)
They think i wont report them
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