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Steam Controller Support

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So I've done some fiddling to try and get my Switch Pro Controller to work, and since I noticed that whenever you try and run the game with Steam's controller support on for your controller, the inputs just go wild. Now this is especially bad because the only way to get a Switch pro controller to work on pc, normally, is to run it through Steam.

I found a work around with ProconXInput, this program makes your computer see the pro controller as a 360 controller, and it works, so long as you don't have controller support turned on through Steam.

Ultimately, I plan to use Steam's vr support to run Hit and Run in vr, using ReShader's 3D shaders, which I have injected into the game though a program called SpecialK, injecting dgVoodoo and the aforementioned reshaders into Hit and Run.

But in order to do that I need Steam controller support to work with Hit and Run. My question is, "how?"
Lucas owns a Steam Controller and is currently looking into the possibility of making the game support them.
The new XInput hack included in version 1.23 of the Mod Launcher should make it possible to use your controller through Steam if you add the Mod Launcher as a non-Steam game and launch it through steam.

Make sure to enable it on the "Settings" page of the Mods list to try it out.