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Moe The Vigilante

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This thread has been locked because I have discontinued the mod, meaning no more updates or bug fixes will be released. So there is no point interacting with the thread

My Game Crashes in M7
Yes, some people may encounter this issue and to fix it simply go into your launcher settings and disable Dirext3DX 9 and it should now work

Play as Moe in your best attempts to stop the Mob from their despicable Plot. Hosting 7 brand new custom story Missions and 7 custom collector cards themed around moe.

I have never made a mod of this scale and type before so please do leave all of your feedback and critisicms however harsh you may feel they are, It is the only way i can improve in the future.

Thank you To Tweedy Jono who Helped with some Voicelines and all of the beta testers (GordonCMB, Mason12310, Nathan Steel, DeepFriedBurger and Sid3300) for your feedback. Honestly, this mod wouldbe been very different without their input and suggestions.

Thank you all and I hope you Enjoy Moe The Vigilante


For some reason the compiled version I uploaded was not decompilable, Because its discontinued Im not relasing any new compiled builds so if you want the source code download this
Download source

EDIT : Thank you all for your helpfull feedback :)
This looks cool! Can't wait to see what you cooked up.
Authorised leaks:

Edit (14.Mar.2024): Originally three individually spoilered images linked here, but exteral Discord image accesses are mostly invalid now and it must be removed to avoid post deletion according to site popup.
Was a very good mod would recommend to everyone
[deleted user]
4 yrs ago (Statistics)
This isn't exactly the best mod ever created, but it has lots of unique concepts, gimmicks and an interesting plot, especially, for the first mod. Great job Stevens! Glad I took part in beta testing :)
Yes, the plot is intriguing, the missions are creative and fun, and there are indeed a fair few unique and interesting concepts in play.
Download link is now available , Just click on the Banner at the bottom to download it
Would you be able to put a separate link going straight to the download(Check the links to MACCA's mods to see what I mean) so that I don't have to make a drop-box account just to download the mod
Yeah sure, sorry i didnt know you needed a dropbox account to download .
I've just finished this mod so here's my review.

Long Version:
The Missions/ Vehicles: I wish I knew about the espionage sedan at the start because despite these missions being fun (minus 3 segments I'll mention later) Moe's Sedan slows them down. It is incredibly sluggish and hard to turn. I'm not saying it should be replaced but if the handling and acceleration could be slightly increased than that would be appreciated. I doubt this would effect the missions but I can't tell because the difficulty is all over the place. One minute you're winning a really easy race and the next you're picking up 30 collectibles with seconds to spare. To be fair I don't think the espionage sedan would make much of a difference anyway because it seems to be stiffer than Moe's car.

M3/ M4/ M7:
Let's start off with M7 or at least the only bit I've played. That damn 80km/h segment is ridiculous. It's all down to RNG with those cars and whether they'll appear and make me halt to a complete stop. It wouldn't even be that bad if I didn't have to kick those mobsters a thousand time, drive all the way to the town hall and have a bunch of objectives pop up before letting me try again. Also, did I miss something, why do I need to be going at 80km/h. It ends up being more luck based than fun. I gave up after about 20 attempts..
M3 isn't much better. It's that destroy segment. You seem to have shoved every game mode possible into these 2 minutes. It's impossible to put a dent in the car because of how tough it is but even if I could it wouldn't even matter because I'm unable to push it into any obstacles on the side of the road because of how slow it's going. I could probably beat it at a race in the duff truck. Than there's the follow meter, which is stricter than the one in the actual follow segment in M2 which means I'm not able to take any detours to repair my car. Than there's the limo driving straight into me (which doesn't even make any sense in the context of the mission because I managed to evade that exact same limo with Moleman earlier on), and to cap it all of there's an extremely tight time limit. It's really saying something when this is harder then the destroy segment in M6 which is at the end of the mod.
M4 is on the hit and collect segment because the car is way too fast. That's about it.

Bug: At the end of M5 when I had to drive to the hideout I ran out of time but instead of failing the timer disappeared and I was able to drive to the hideout without any troubles.

Nitpicks: The stats screen in the menu isn't changed the the mod for example it say 0/3 street races 0/3 costumes etc. When shocked by a wasp, the png of Bart's skeleton appeared. In M2 There is a typo saying "The limo knew we was following him." It should say were instead of was but I can't tell if it was trying to imitate the way Moe talks or not. Also at the beginning of M6 there is another typo with the text, Youve got to find another." You've is missing the '.

Short Version:
Overall, this is a good first attempt for a major mod. There are a few issues such as the custom vehicles being a bit hard to turn and the difficulty needing to be tweaked to be more consistent but in the end it's just a fun mod with a lot of good ideas. Bonus points for the times of day, custom collector cards and custom dialogue.
6.8/10 - Good