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Minor Donut Mod 4 glitch

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I noticed a issue while playing the mod, just finished it up about an hour ago. The main problem, a minor one, is that when you come off the ramp (The one that makes you fly by the firetruck, you know the one?), your car crashes right before it gets off the ground, I don't know if it's an issue on my end or the mods, but it seems like I can't drive that specific segment of the game.

To note: The GAME isn't crashing, my car just abruptly stops.
Sorry for the late reply, but that's rather bizarre. Does this sort of car crash also occur in the regular game as well? Are you playing with or without the Frame Limiter mod enabled?

I ask because I do know a similar issue that can occur elsewhere in the game - the Krusty Glass ramp near Mr. Burns' Mansion in Level 4. The game's physics can be a wee bit screwy if the framerate ends up being too high, and cars as a result can behave a bit weirdly. In this case, there's a very tiny gap of space inbetween the ground and where the jump is made in that area, and the game ends up acting as if you hit a wall.

If your crash resembles anything like this, that would appear to be your issue.

To fix, I would advise enabling the Frame Limiter mod, located in the Settings tab of the Launcher. You should be able to click that and launch the game without any fuss. You can toggle the settings to have the game target a higher or lower framerate, but the default 60 is preferred in most cases.

Hope this helps your issue! Let me know if it doesn't or you're having issues setting up the Frame Limiter.
Kenny Giles:
That happens to me in the Xbox version at the exact same ramp you showed off in the video. How would I fix it in that version?