Springfield Noire 2: Reinvestigated [Discontinued]

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(Cover art made by MadameGenocide)

Hello, community, this is Gordon and yes, Morgan Brown is back
Firstly, if you're familiar with the original mod and it's incredible development story, read this extremely long disclaimer:

Some info you'd like to read if you were around in 2018
Ok, so, you remember how badly the original mod was created, it war rushed, lacked major gameplay features and overally was not taken seriously by me, which resulted in Buzz Team collapse, me eventually leaving modding and much more stupid and bad things. The year was 2017, and after creating Homer's Adventure I was ambitious as hell, even though I literally couldn't control my team and write adequate plot and code. I wanted to create something cool, but wasn't able too, and was really harsh with my team so I decided to go practically solo, which made my life and development process twice as hard. I lacked enough experience and wanted to finish the mod as soon as possible, ignoring possible bugs and difficulties. The end result - you've guessed it, wasn't as awesome as I wanted it to be. So I had to back up and focused on much smaller mods, slightly gaining experience. And now here I am, even though I don't mod very often, I still want this mod to be good. Yes, it may not be flawless or perfect, but I will try my absolute best to make sure history's not gonna repeat. The mod may come out mediocre, yes, but it will not become a second disaster. I have thrice as many experience now, as I've had in 2017, I've learnt my lesson, and I will not make the same mistake twice.

I hope you can forgive me for the original mod disaster, and I hope you will enjoy the remastered edition, or at least like it. If you're reading this - congrats, you've reached the end of my whining, thank you for your attention, have a good day!

Now, let's go on with a mod, shall we?
Wanted to investigate crimes? Ever wanted a completely new character? Well here you go, Springfield Noire: Reinvestigated. The remastered edition of the original mod, which was a tad-bit controversial, but the remastered version won't be as bad


Play as Lieutenant Morgan Brown in three levels of crimes and investigations, and save the Springfield from yet another nuclear disaster!
Featuring: Brand new(returning) character, not featured in the show or games - Morgan Brown!
A couple of new custom vehicles
A set of custom collector cards
21 custom missions
12 custom challenges(including bonus missions)
Major map tweaks without the usage of the model builder!
And much more!

Watch the trailers!

Cinematic Trailer

Gameplay Trailer


(Promotional art made by MadameGenocide)


The full version is unavailable, but you can play the 1st level demo! Featuring:
All story missions of the first level
Every purchasable and unlockable content (except for bonus missions)
Major map tweaks and edits
The Hit and Chase - strongly randomized Wager Race, that has over 102,473,280,000‬ combinations of character, vehicles, locations, stages, objectives and even AI waypoints!

Jack gave us some very cool models from his mod to use in Springfield Noire, so, if you want to check the other vehicles Jack made, be sure to check out his Lore Friendly Car Pack!


If you're a content creator on YouTube or Twitch(or similar platforms) be aware: this mod uses copyrighted music in it's missions, so you might get demonitized!
(Currently, you can encounter copyright music in: Level 1 Sunday Drive. Level 1 Mission 3, Level 1 Mission 7)
Happy to see your modding again! Im already looking forward to this remake :)
Happy to hear that you are creating mods again! This one looks exciting!
I think this time around, it will be a great mod, better than the original. Best of luck!
And here comes the first(and last) demo! It currently features some restored and fixed features, and a couple of mission tweaks, alongside with redesigns, they still may feel boring, but, hey, that's still the very beggining of L1!
Some stupid mistakes like ten follow missions in a row or small minor mistakes like absence of trigger boxes are now fixed
But be careful, even though I actually have plans to add costumes, cars, street races(w. bonus missions) and collector cards - all of this content is not entirely available in demo (you surely can buy the one and only vehicle from Gil, but I haven't updated it's skeleton joints to include ASF passangers, so it may crash the game in M0 and M3, be aware, and use the standart level vehicle), so this demo exists primarily to show the progress of main mission design. The full relesease version's release date is unknown, and I won't announce it as long as I feel confident the mod is fully fixed. In the meantime, enjoy the demo!

Download (You can also go up to the main topic and use the download button there)

(This may look like rushing again, but believe me, I've been working on the demo yesterday and today, yeah, two entire days, and I've doublechecked everything I could, no potential crashes or disturbances in main missions)
[deleted user]
4 yrs ago (Statistics)
Quick link update: Integrated Fat Tony's model into the mod
Apparently I'm dumb and blind, since I forgot to do so right from the start, but nevermind. Sorry for the inconvenience
It's cool to see you come back my friend, good luck with all the patching!
Just finished playing this through.

I can't say I'm entirely impressed with this so far, to be honest. There's potential, but this just didn't hit the bar for me. For starters, the game would crash for me upon selecting to start a new save, unless the No Introduction Movies hack was enabled. The idea of an entirely OC character to play as is an enticing one, but honestly Morgan Brown doesn't really have any interesting qualities about him that make me enjoy playing as him, and the lack altogether of voicelines for him makes him a real bore to play as compared to established characters from the game. I understand what you're going for with him, but it doesn't really work with this game, which leads me into my next point: I think this mod tries way too hard to be serious, which is kind of exactly the opposite of what SHAR is supposed to be about. From the gritty, unappealing new HUD style, to the overly verbose vehicle names, to the music in the third mission, this style just feels incredibly alienated from the base model of the game. The plot as it is so far is also really boring to the point where I didn't really even bother reading the messages explaining it after a while. The missions don't really feel any different to what they did in the original either. They're really tedious to play and don't try anything new or interesting, aside from the third mission, which is the one I enjoyed playing the most. It's a concept I wouldn't think works but does, and that's good. But there's also a follow objective that goes almost entirely around the map in Mission 2, and long follows were one of the primary criticisms about the original, so I'm not entirely optimistic that this mod serves its purpose as a remaster very well so far. It needs a lot more experimentation in the missions if you're going to get away with a mute, stock OC as the playable character.

So yeah, I'm sorry I didn't have more positive things to say, but hopefully I'll be able to give more praise come the full release. Like I said, make the plot more interesting, lighten the tone of the mod a bit, and do a lot more experimentation with the missions, and I think this could be something really enjoyable for me, but for now I can't say this really tops the original Springfield Noire for me.
It appears that cutscenes are too instable for the mod? Since it's already a second crash related to a cutscene, so, yeah, I'm removing them entirely. It's best to play the mod than crash every time a cutscene has passed
The mod is definitely, currently, far from topping the original mod, that's true, but I'm slowly experimenting with missions, trying to, at least, make a normal mod out of the horrific piece of garbage that happened one year ago
Now I know the right direction("arcadify" the mod, trying to minimalize the amount of these popup dialogues and generally try to make the mod look like it's actually SHaR, not an independent game)
I'm gonna release an updated demo (mainly to fix the stupid cutscene crash) with M1 and M2 being edited a bit, so they aren't gonna be as boring as they were. For example, M1 will now feature a global timer(providing a bit more challenge), and M2 will become a follow and collect style mission without these popup dialogues taking 90% of the mission's time
Thanks for your feedback Max!
I'm not going to write as much as Max but I will say I'm f****** pissed that you renamed the Crow Victory. Police Fort LTD Victoria? Nah. Police Fort LTD Crow Victory is where it's at.