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Recently, I've had something in mind. I want the permission to change my username here at Donut Team to the name of my Youtube channel, Cars For Speed.

The reasons for this are two: (1) I want the people that see me in Youtube are able to find me in this site; if you've seen my channel, you would see Cars, Need For Speed and Hit & Run videos. And (2) because I want to step away from my past posts. I kind of consider them now as "unfunny sh*tposts" (sorry that I'm too harsh on my self). And I would like my posts that are prior to 2019 removed.

Hope you guys and the Donut Team staff can understand this. :)
[deleted user]
4 yrs ago (Statistics)
You can change your display name in settings, but you can't do so with the actual username yet(afaik it's planned, but not implemented)
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4 yrs ago (Statistics)
Considering people won't stop asking about it, I've now implemented this feature. Go to the settings page and click the "Username" field.

I highly recommend just changing your display name as it will break any links to your profile used across the entire world wide web.

In the case of your posts, use the "Delete" button on each post you do not want anymore.
I've already changed the name. Now I guess I'll start deleting my posts.
Update: some posts that are locked can't be deleted by me.
I deleted the 3 locked topics for you.