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Hello everybody, we have an announcement today regarding our team.

Up until now we've had 3 kinds of staff members: Lead Staff, Development Staff and Moderation Staff.

These roles are all different however they've all served a secondary role of helping test our new websites, tools and mods ahead of their public release.

Today, we'd like to introduce a new type of staff member dedicated to just that called Quality Assurance Staff or QA Staff for short.

Who is getting this role?

Today, we're giving this role to @Colou , @EnAppelsin and @Josh / Proddy .

Colou was chosen for this role to help test new features of the Pure3D Editor as well as our upcoming Model Builder tool. We believe his assistance will be a great help in polishing and expanding the functionality of these tools.

EnApplesin and Proddy were chosen for this role to help test new features of the Mod Launcher, particularly ones related to Lua Scripting. We believe their assistance and direct input on this will help expand and optimise this functionality.

We're looking forward to working with them going forward and we hope their direct input helps improve these tools for everyone who uses them.

What else?

We're considering a number of other community members for this role as well; however, this is a bit of a trial run so we hope you understand our limited selection for the time being.

We also understand there's many other mod creators waiting to get their hands on the Model Builder and we hope we don't have to keep you waiting much longer for it. We just want to make sure our tutorials are detailed and easy to understand as well as making sure the general documentation is thorough and covers all at least the bulk of the functionality on offer. From day one, we want the documentation to be able to easily answer most questions any map creators might have about the tool.

That's all we have to talk about today.

Please let us know what you think about this news below,
Donut Team
Happy to be a part of the team and to help out where I can.
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