Treehouse of Horror XXVI Reviewed *spoilers*

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On Sunday, October 25 the highly anticipated TOHXXVI aired, which in my opinion should've aired the week before instead of Halloween of Horror which was a pretty lame episode in my opinion, not saying that this TOH wasn't lame either. Just saying.

First segment: Wanted: Dead, Then Alive
This is really the only enjoyable part of this year's Halloween special, or one of this year's Halloween specials. In this segment, Sideshow Bob finally kills Bart... over and over again. The episode did manage to make me giggle here and there, and I thought the whole concept behind it was cool, because in the episode SB gets an obsession to Bart's dead corpse and takes it everywhere he goes which is actually pretty creepy... das a good thing. Like I said, this was the only enjoyable part to the special. Here's why...

Second segment: Homerzilla
Not only did they manage to rip off a previous TOH, they managed to do it COMPLETELY WORSE. In this segment Homer is Godzilla and causes havoc throughout a city. Sounds familiar? I thought so. This segment is a copy/paste f***-up of King Homer from TOH III. It gets worse because not only is it a copy, Homerzilla turns out to be A MOVIE. A FREAKIN MOVIE. This is the main problem with this segment. TOH's are centered around horrors that are actually happening in their world, they completely butchered this segment by saying the whole Homerzilla thing was a movie and not in the Simpsons world. Sure at the end of the segment it turns out Homerzilla is actually at the bottom of the ocean, but it ends right after it shows him waking up. They could've turned this into a subplot of a full episode if they wanted to, but no they put it in TOH which kills it completely. This was an absolute disappointment in my eyes. Moving on now.

Final segment: Telepaths of Glory
Oh look, another ripoff. Great. This time however, it rips off Desperately Xeeking Xena from TOH X. In this segment, Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse this time gain telekinesis and other super powers from nuclear waste they found in a hole they all fell down. Just like in TOH X, except in that episode it was radiation from a metal detector, they didn't fall down a hole, Milhouse wasn't apart of the plot, and Bart and Lisa became super heroes. This episode wasn't scary, it was really just mediocre jokes and Milhouse becoming a control freak. Also, this episode has shaky-cam animation which is annoying.

Overall, this has to be my least favorite TOH next to XXII. If I had to compare the two, I'd say they just barely equal out. 1 segment I enjoyed with the other 2 being lame and boring. Except with this, the 2 that I really didn't like were blatant rip offs.

So there you have it. TOH XXVI reviewed. Such a disappointment.
Since The Simpsons isn't on my TV, I just read this review and basically read the episode :P
Btw, it does sound like a disappointment, I heard great stuff about Treehouse of Horror.
You should be able to see it here:

Just watch it soon, you can't as easily watch older episodes.
I quit watching the new episodes a long time ago, Season 1 - 10 is where it's at, i'm honestly looking forward to the day the Simpsons gets discontinued...
@Kyle Same here.. They have no more ideas..
@SomeoneIKnow It's not really that. It's just that the show has been caught in a never ending cycle of popular culture for a long time now and it doesn't show any signs of breaking from this. It has just become so immature and has so many cheap laughs that are so cheap they aren't even funny. Look at a Simpsons episode from Season 4 and one of the new ones. The early episodes had a perfect contrast between comedy and targeting your emotions. Now you don't just get that anymore, the only reason I can imagine anyone actually enjoying the newer episodes is if they actually find the cheap humor actually: humorous. And you won't get the heartfelt emotions of the show anymore. Well how are you supposed to when to start, it's not even remotely mature anymore and 90% of it is cheap humor based around just dumb jokes for extremely low IQ'd people or a low age demographic. Remember things like: 'McBain Lets get silly' or 'That's a paddlin', They are classic simpson's moments, that are on paper, not that funny, but you just have to get the genius of them and the execution back then was perfect. So yep, no more new simpson's for me.
Just went ahead and saw it because it's the season of spooks.

All I can really say is...meh.

I'm a huge fan of John K.'s work with the Ren & Stimpy Show, so it was kind of interesting they got him to animate another intro. It's not quite up to snuff with the XXV's introduction, but it was fairly amusing with Frank Grimes coming back to life to steal Homer's soul. Part of me wishes it was animated like a traditional episode and it lacked the musical number, but eh. Nice to see him come back again!

Wanted: Dead, Then Alive:
Probably my favorite segment of the bunch. I was actually really looking forward to the segment of this episode when I initially heard about it, and I honestly really like the concept of it. I was kind of hoping they'd go the route where Sideshow Bob kills Bart by accident, but what they do here is pretty grotesque and unexpected in a pretty fun way. Lisa takes seeing her brother dead...surprisingly well (just an "I knew it!" rather than the emotional breakdown I was expecting), which is sort of a minor complaint, but I suppose time constraints will force you to hurry things along. The constant resurrecting, while it sounds a bit tiresome on paper, was pretty entertaining to see the ways Sideshow Bob tries to kill him after resurrecting him. Surprisingly, it ends on a decent happy note too with Bart being resurrected permanently with no side effects. Sideshow Bob's fate at the end was pretty amusing too.

...Yikes, is really all I can say about this sadly. A neat concept, but as @ThunderGivesMeGlee has pointed out, the concept of Homer being a giant monster destroying the city has been done already (once in King Homer and another in Married To The Blob). Looking past this concept being done twice, it's a bit weak save for the joke about the poorly dubbed laughs. The forced Asian accents don't really sound good on any of the characters, and then there's Homer himself. To put it nicely, he kind of comes off more as annoying in this short than anything else, as basically all of his dialog save for one gag is him screaming constantly. Seriously. Just screaming like a monster. The ending also left me slightly confused at first, since I couldn't tell at first if the joke was that Homerzilla actually existed in this short's canon, or it was a theater trailer. I figured out later it was the latter, but something about the joke execution, and confusing. Really, the only two jokes the short has when Homerzilla wakes up is him screaming, and them constantly bashing the last Godzilla film. A pretty bad short I'm afraid. I think @ThunderGivesMeGlee is right that this really could've been a standard episode about Homer landing an acting role since the segment apparently is all just a bunch of films.

Telepaths of Glory:
While I haven't actually see the film this was parodying, I could tell that this was poking fun at Chronicle, a film about a couple of teenagers who after going to a party get some superpowers. Strangely, I feel indifferent to this one. I like how it mocks the Documentary cliches about the camera being kept on when it really should be taken off. A couple of kind of amusing scenes and a pretty interesting set up. What really disappoints me is the ending, where it really feels like the writers just sort of...gave up here. Milhouse is becoming a control freak and we see him terrorizing the town, but then (SPOILER ALERT) Maggie comes in. And then the rest of the episode is just her...screwing around to fill up the time slot? She also turns Homerzilla into a Barney-like character, which I guess I wouldn't normally have an issue with, but it feels like they were just desperately trying to extend the length there. (END SPOILER THING) Kang and Kodos' appearance at the end was pretty amusing though. Overall, neat concept, some kind of funny gags, but the ending just feels so half-baked it weighs it down quite a bit for me.

Overall, pretty meh. The introduction is kind of cute but I really only say that because of my biased-ness towards some of John K.'s work, Wanted: Dead, Then Alive was good, but everything else just feels really half-baked. Homerzilla might actually be my least favorite THOH short honestly.

Halloween of Horror ended up being the much better episode (which I decided to watch after watching this since I heard good things about it). Much more solid and clever jokes, and there's actually some really nice suspense put into the entire episode that I haven't really seen in a single Treehouse of Horror segment in a while. Really nicely done and kind of makes up for this. I also like how they sort of acknowledge how the past THOHs are technically canon, but were just stories the family told while inside the treehouse.