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What exactly is a Imlm file, seen that almost all mods is using that function but I don't get it because all I see is some kind of code when I open an (Modded file) with notepad but can't understand it!

And also I am so sorry Donut Team that I looked at your modded file but I just want to learn how to make a mod myself, hope you guys don't mind!
.lmlm files are Lucas Mod Launcher mods, these are created when you compile your modification. These having nothing to do with how you make a mod, they're just used so you can distribute your mod without revealing any source code or anything like that. If you want to look up how to make your own mod you should snoop around a few of the tutorials on the forum.

Basically it's just an output that packages the mod into one nice neat file. Most people do this so their mod cannot be viewed internally or edited in anyway; thus keeping their source safe. Some people release their source (i.e LegoMarioFanatic)
What is an LMLM file?
An LMLM file is sort of like a zip file, it's basically a folder we can read from. Think of it of a ZIP file that contains other files that the mod launcher reads and tells the game to load. It's the simplest way to distribute a mod without content being leaked or without the user being confused. One file is much easier to figure out than over a thousand random files in a folder.

How do I make an LMLM file?
See the compile section of this topic

Can I look what's inside with a hex editor or notepad?
No reason to be sorry, opening up an LMLM file in a Hex Editor allows you to see how a mod was made without having direct source code. It's also pretty fun to find what's hidden inside; like a mission name for Level 4 Mission 1, sick reference bro.

While we don't necessarily approve of trying to reverse engineer or look at our code, we also don't disapprove. The only reason we distribute in an LMLM file is to protect our content as in the past people have stolen it and claimed it as their own.
To add on to Jake, I admit I peaked around in a mod once with notepad++, and while it's sometimes editable, it generally isn't and will crash somehow on loadup because the file (lmlm) isn't meant to be able to be edited. I tried this with SCM, actually, mostly to test if they were editable, but it gave me a syntax error that had nothing to do with what I edited, showing that something got screwed up when I edited it. It also makes things such as custom .p3d files or custom vehicles, for example, completely unable to be taken from the mod.