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Randomiser game crash

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I keep getting this crash when ever I do the mission Kiwk Cash in Level 5. I start the mission and the screen turns black with a box with the words comes up saying "The following file was not found: scripts\cars\level05\M4chase.con".

I don't know if it's the copy of the game I own, or the Randomiser. If anybody knows why this happens please send a reply and tell me what to do.

(Edit: It's actually the Randomiser that causes the game crash, because I play the game without any mods and I started the mission and everything seem fine.)
Hi Wisteria, can you send me a screenshot of the main menu of your randomiser please? (It contains useful info such as version and settings)
How do you put an image or screenshot on a post? I'm kind of new to this, but the image icon needs a url, and the screenshot is on my computer. I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time.
You can upload images to a service like or then link them in your post.
Here's the link, Proddy. I hope this helps you.
Hi Wisteria, could you get this version and tell me if the crash still happens please? V2.1-Beta 3
I played through the whole mission and it didn't crash. Thank you for helping me, Proddy!
No worries, apologies for the issues you were having.