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Controller Button Icons Mod

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One annoying thing about playing SHAR on PC is that the buttons are always still labelled as 'Enter' and 'ESC', etc. This mod remedies that! It adds controller icons for PS2, Xbox and Gamecube, as well as custom-made icons for the Xbox 360 and Wii U/Switch.


Important Notes:
  • This is designed to work only with the default gamepad bindings used by SHAR.
  • The 'Press Action' icon doesn't animate. I believe the animation is hardcoded to only work on the 'Press Action' text itself, so I don't think there's anything I can do about this.
  • The 'Swap A and B buttons in menus' option is purely visual. You will need to edit the gamepad bindings in the 'Rebindable Menu Gamepad Inputs' hack.
  • Same goes for the 'Make Triangle the 'Back' button' option.
  • The 'Show Stats' button in the purchase car screen doesn't actually respond to the X button (or X button equivalent) as it is hardcoded to only work with the F1 key. I thought randomly having the F1 key appear in amongst all of the controller buttons would look a bit weird, so I just replaced the icon anyway.

how do i make it show the ps2 buttons
also one annoying thing about this mod is that most other mods conflict with this one meaning i can't use this mod when playing other mods
You change the icons by pressing the 'Mod Settings' button and changing them there.
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4 yrs ago (Statistics)
Apparently, this mod conflicts with 3D Phone Booth previews. Error for reference
Apparently, this mod conflicts with 3D Phone Booth previews.

This would be because it replaces the required frontend parts documented here. At this time the only fix would be for Colou to make a second version that supports it.
Thanks so much I wanted this for a long time but i was scared to make an account on here and ask but still Thank You now I can feel like I'm playing on console again!
noowaayy !! I wanned this loong time ago and I can't believe it finally exists. thanks a lot dude, I hope donut team will add this to their launcher.
Hmm, couldnt get it to work. I chose the xbox option