Leave of Absence

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I wanted to announce I'll be taking a leave of absence from the Donut Team community. I've had several personal life issues pop up in the last week, and I wanted to take time to deal with them all.

I don't know when I will return, but I wanted to formerly announce it so users aren't confused when I do not show up on the Discord user listing or communicate on the forum.

The other members of staff will still be here if you need anything.

Thanks for your support,
[deleted user]
3 yrs ago (Statistics)
It's understandable, real life issues are far more important than the Internet ones
Good luck out there!
rip jake
Personal life comes before everything else, I hope everything works out for you and we're all here if you need anything. Hope to see you back soon.
[deleted user]
3 yrs ago (Statistics)
I don't mean to bump this thread, but I've been so busy with work I just saw this. That's perfectly okay Jake, take care of what you need to. We all have obligations and commitments, as well as life events that we have to juggle and cope with.