Suggestions for Downloads Page.

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Back to old times with my wonderful suggestions! These are referring to the Downloads page.

  • I suggest to add actual images to many mods/tools that miss them, or, at least, to change the "Image Unavailable" panel since it feels like an error, which It isn't.
  • Rename "Tools" to "Other tools" since one could think it also contains featured tools. It is just Featured Mods and Other Mods.

    Things that may be added to Legacy Apps.
  • Donut Mod 2.0.2 - I know this is a pretty much controversial product, although with some little tweaks (like maybe finding out what causes the game to crash upon quitting), It could be added as a non-decompilable product. Don't worry about the horrendous source code, just it would be good if everyone could simply try it.
  • Legacy themes - maybe add Autumn Theme, which was pretty complete and I don't know why It got removed (i know Kenny released a new version, i refer to the old one) Winter theme is not even complete so obviously It makes no sense adding it.
  • Road Rage character pack - this may have been rendered useless since Road Rage Returns and other stuff got released, but I think it is just like the Car Renamer: an alternative way to do it.