How to make HD Hud Icons

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It seems like every mod is using HD icons and sprites now but how do you make them?

If i have missed something or have a question feel free to ask but if the thread is behind two pages dont bump it just dm me on discord @Duffhause#5474

First of all decide how many time bigger you want your sprite to be, I would recommend double since that should be enough for most things, triple at a push but i wouldn't advice any larger since that can really inflate the file size which kills disk space and download speed, also most icons are pretty small on the screen anyway. I would say you could do half if you want but i wouldn't try it because i can only imagine how horrible that looks

You can use my Icon template here or download your own, If you make your own template keep note of what percentage larger your icon is compared to the base games, The one I have linked is exactly double the resolution pf the vanilla hud icons.

Also I recommend when you resize things to make your icon , you set your quality to bicubic

Now you make your icon like you normally would, the next step is inside of the p3d editor... exciting!

Import your image into the sprite and all that jub like you would usually do with any other icon

You see in the right hand side at the top it will say "image viewer", yeah change that to "value editor" and you should see a menu like this

Now if you're from the uk whip out your casio fx-83gt plus scientific calculator from your maths GCSE , however if your from somewhere else, open up the calculator app.

You see in that value editor there is a Native X and an Native Y menu. You need to note each value from both and multiple them by however much larger your hud icon is. Since mine is double I just need to double the value, if you did triple do triple, if you did half do half etc. and update your value to your answer

So Here i take the native X which is 640 and double it and then update the native x to the outcome which is 1,260

Now in game it should be hd and in shape :)

Hopefully you found this tutorial interesting and I do plan on making more tutorials, I have in mind making one on vehicle health bars like the one in CIS Wager Race and the Camera change like in MAiS and AS
If you have anything youv'e seen done in a mod and don't know how to recreate it, dm me and i might make a tutorial on it
Hey Thanks for getting back to me on discord, I understand now that you have to use an upscaling program and potentially use custom images for the icons.