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Non-Translucent Roof

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How do I make the roof of a car not go transparent when I drive it?
I don't think you can, it's hardcoded.

EDIT: Never mind, see Loren's comment below.
Radical hardcodedly does this to a shader named "<CARNAME>Roof_m". So for example "marge_vRoof_m" for marge_v (the Canyonero).

You can prevent this making modifying the shader to have no blend mode instead of an Alpha blend mode.
Sorry but where do you find the files for it? I'm looking all through the game directory and can't see anything to do with a roof.
Or if it's coding would you mind elaborating on how to do it?
Do I have to get blender? does anyone have a link to what version you'd need?
Thanks :)
Based on this and another thread, I made a mod: Opaque Car Roofs.