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Sideshow Bob Mod

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Does anyone know where I can download the Sideshow Bob mod? It seems the pages for that mod are missing and I really want it. Thank you in advance!
I may be misunderstanding what you mean, but the Sideshow Bob model (and a few others) can be downloaded from this page.
That's not exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for a mod which allows you to play as sideshow bob. It was released in October 2016
Nevermind, I figured out how to play as him using that mod, thank you very much!
can you please tell me how to use that mod?
Apologies for the late reply!

The mod that was previously linked in this forum topic is more of a resource pack. As a result, when launching the game with it enabled, you will not see Sideshow Bob in any of the game's Levels. You'd instead have to play a mod that makes use of this model or create one of your own that uses the model one way or another (either as a playable character or an NPC that the player can interact with). It all really depends on how you want to use or see Sideshow Bob.

There's a considerably more up-to-date distribution of the Sideshow Bob character model that comes with it's own animations and character dialog code set up here. These two things that I mentioned are useful if you're interested in giving Bob some dialog or wish to use him as a playable character in your mod.

Extract the archive, then insert everything from the 'Sideshow Bob' folder into your mod. You would then have to set up Bob as his own ambient NPC by modifying the leveli.mfk to include him in your Level, or modify the Level's level.mfk and leveli.mfk to set him as a playable character. However, this would introduce issues with making him work in missions due to how conversations are set up - you'd have to remove the conversations entirely or create new ones.

It might be better to continue this in an entirely new forum topic instead if you have any further questions on how to set up a mod/how to 'use' Bob, as the original owner of this topic has not signed into their account in 3 years and some of the information here might pertain more to their original request.