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The Audi TT

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I finally found how to restore the audi tt
So basically you didn't find out, Some other Spanish guy did 6 years ago and you saw the video recently.
That's like saying I watched a video of a cop defusing a bomb in 2008 and then claim that I saved people's lives 12 years ago.
And surely if you've played other mods before including Donut Mod (because why would you ask if a mod is cancelled if you haven't played the previous versions?), you would have known that the Audi was functional way before that video was created.
I actually recreated this 4-5 years ago when I was making mods for the launcher. I made a few car mods over the years but not many of them, including this one. I did this one 4-5 years ago and had it archived, but it never really was a hit because I was just a beginner. I actually posted the Audi TT on an old thread awhile ago. If anybody wants the files, here are the links:

UPDATE 9/13/2023: I reuploaded this to since the MEGA links are gone. Sorry about the wait.