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Random modding feedback/wishlist/suggestions thread

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Despite still being relatively new to the SHAR modding scene it was surprisingly easy to get the hang of it. As great as the current tools are, you inevitably bump into random inconveniences that no one seems to address. This is basically my wishlist of QOL improvements that would just be very nice to have around.

I wish Pure3D Editor would have the ability to...
  • Render billboards
  • Render animations (prop, skin and particles)
  • Render Particle Factory animations
  • Render Locators on the map
  • Tweak 3D coordinates (mainly of locators, joints and drawable transforms) inside the 3D viewport
  • Multi-select chunks
Mod Launcher:
  • Debug Text would actually render static/dyna phys collisions
  • Customizable hacks like CustomText would reload on mission select
  • Many/all DebugTest features (such as No Preload (could be moved to settings of ForceMissionSelectLevelReload), World Spheres Depth,) would be released as standalone requirable (and configurable) hacks
  • Speaking of DebugTest, I wish you could make stages skippable similar to F10
  • Debug Text would actually render static/dyna phys collisions in-game similar to Pure3D Editor
  • There would be a hack to disable pedestrian paths ground snapping similar to DisableTrafficGroundSnapping in CustomRoadBehaviour hack
  • I wish online viewer was more of an active project and at least it's rendering engine would be integrated in P3D editor
  • I wish SHARMP was a bigger thing. That project looks like an incredible technical feat. Simple chat system, simple race engine similar to bonus race, destroyable vehicles would add whole dimensions to sharmp which would make it fun
  • I wish all the stub/WIP DT Docs pages would be addressed. At least 40% of those pages could be filled using information from DT discord server alone.
  • I wish someone found out/shared how to animate TRAN channel on character bones. The game somehow blocks them based on certain conditions. While developing animation converter I managed to bypass that block but the files are lost and I can't replicate that animation.

I'd love to help somehow beyond just suggesting things
Feel free to reply to this post saying what you wish for
If possible, I would like the mission's vehicle and NPC limit increased, similar to the stage limit being increased in a recent version.
Make the game work properly.

That is all.

Serious (hack) suggestions
These are mainly more casual suggestions.
  • A hack to disable the game completion screen on the Scrapbook.
  • A hack to allow movie skipping regardless of if the movie has been previously seen on the loaded save data.
  • A hack to enable/disable the game's various cheat code effects in addition to another hack which could enable them to be enabled by mission scripts (an Additional Script Functionality extension?).
  • This is a bit of a stretch but incorporating certain LUA-exclusive functions (such as allowing for difficulty selections and mod settings) into non-LUA hacks for mods to use as a potentially easier alternative.
I love the idea of the bonus game races in SHARMP; it also reminds of something Nightbane has done a few years ago. This
I´d love to have a roleplay mods for a server.