Donut Mod Standalone Vehicle Pack

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Basically, a vehicle pack of the vehicles from Donut Mod, like Bart's Little Lightning and Marge's Station Wagon.
Glad to see some interest in the cars we offer in the mod! Loren put a fair amount of work into most of the original cars seen there.

I've definitely been in favor of making the mod de-compilable so it's a lot easier to access the cars in the mod. There were some talks behind closed doors about doing it sometime near the end of this month hopefully. Last I had heard, Loren wanted to polish up some things prior to releasing it? Mainly just gutting the mod of anything Level 4-related really.

I'll try to also see if I can get a response from other team members to chip in on the situation! Currently I'm away from my regular laptop/PC to check in on the staff Discord, so I'm speaking on my own behalf.