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Buzz Cola Agents

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I was bored of Wasp Cameras from original game. They were the only enemies, that can hurt you, not deadly, but you'll lose your 5 or more coins.
How we know, in original game, in story appears strange Black Vans, Sedans, Cola Trucks, and Ferrini. They were under control by invisible characters (except Ferrini, where you can see driver in blue suit), also, in game were mentioned "Gyus with dark glasses", "Some dudes" or "Mysterious strangers" as references to drivers of those strange black cars and, maybe, Buzz Cola Agency.
I'd like to see in remaster or some mods realisation of new enemies as Buzz Cola agents. They can shoot faster, than Wasp Cameras, and if you don't want make mod or even fan remaster more violent, create paintball guns, blaster guns and laser guns! It will be a little funny — cops or agents shoot at you with paintball guns.
Also, agents are not real, they're just an androids (also for censorship), that also can be destroyed (by 2-5 hits or shots) and drop coins (more, than Wasps).
Here my fast sketch:
Really dig this idea!

Yeah, SHAR's combat isn't it's strong suit. While it's good it's not the primary focus for the game since it's a little underwhelming, it's also unfortunate the kick only really gets used against the wasps. There's also the coupling objective, though this never comes back after it's introduced. It feels woefully underutilized when more obstacles/kicking usage would've been great to see.

The idea of a secondary enemy type, while not possible to create due to current limitations (and might be difficult to replace the wasps with entirely given their animations and the way their model is handled), would be cool to see utilized in a mod for potential enemy car AI!

Sketch is cute too. Upvoted because I like seeing discussion about how SHAR's plot talks about other potential antagonists (such as Bart mentioning 'they' gave 'us' more cola on that spaceship) but we never really get to see that.
Also I'd like to see Boss battles, that were'nt realized in game, such as Fight with Truckasaurus in stadium and Duff brewery and T-Rex skeleton in museum.
Cutscenes shows them as bosses, that you would avoid and defeat them with something, for example, by destroying generators.
I also wonder, that in final missions of any levels there might be some enemies, as cameras, agents, black cars, that will try to stop you. It would made missions more interesting and challenging.

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If it hard to realzie in original game, I hope, that it might be realized in remaster.
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