All vehicles crash the mod

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Hello I have a question when I am playing level 3 of donut mod 3 when I enter a car the game crashes I don't know why the same thing happened to me in the original game but with the electaurus car but here with all the cars crashea, can someone help me?
The issue you're describing is very common in a couple of pirated versions of the game. We'd advise looking elsewhere to obtain a copy of the game.
This is very much likely the issue and not an issue with the mod itself! You can use Lucas’ Hit & Run Install Verifier to figure out any issues with your copy of the game and to verify that your installation is clean.

Also quickly renamed the topic for future reference. Thank you!
thanks now i try what you told me

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can you tell me how to use the lucas plis verifier
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I’m not at my computer at the moment, but as Duffhause stated, the issue is more than likely your install of the game and you’ll have to re-install, preferably from a legitimate source. It’s difficult to tell which sources are clean and which aren’t, which is why we advocate against piracy of this game!

If you still encounter the crash after that, Jake wrote a tutorial explaining how to use the install verifier.

Hope this information helps!