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HD Vehicle Textures - V 0.23

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As of right now I've only redone 9 (and a half) vehicles. Originally I had an order to releasing these, but then I figured there were certain cars that needed this more than others. This little side project was started mostly because I noticed how horribly dated the Honor Roller's textures were (you couldn't even read the text on the stickers).

Family Sedan:

Honor Roller (lifted from the curse of Comic Sans):


70's Sports Car:

Lil' Bandit:

Other Vehicles

0.15: Added 70's Sports Car
0.16: Fixed some broken ass UV Mapping on the Honor Roller. Changed 70's license plate to screen accurate numbers. Added "Disco Sucks" Sticker to 70's Car.
0.17: Okay so technically I cheated with the Canyonero and added more parts to the model itself.
0.18: Fixed I/O errors. Added Family Sedan.
0.19: Been a while I know, not much to show either unfortunately. Added both versions of the police car. Updated the undercarriage for all vehicles.
0.20: Added Lil' Bandit.
0.23: Added 3 NPC vehicles, these are easier to make since it's all one texture. This effects the Glass Truck, Pickup A, and Minivan A, though I haven't finished the Buzz Cola glass yet.

OBVIOUSLY I'll be adding more in the near future.
Did I mention this is my first mod on this game? If I f***** anything up please tell me.

My Mod Launcher Keeps Getting The I/O Error!

Good job!
Looks incredible! Yeah, Radical did seem to have a slight thing for Comic Sans (the Lard Lads donut is also guilty of the same thing as Loren pointed out to me in private). I guess it's sort of a thing of it's time before it sort of became a meme. Reminds me of Sonic Adventure 2's excessive use of the font.

Back on the topic of the cars, the texture work looks gorgeous. Outside of the comic sans curse being lifted, the textures feel like they respect the original game's art style quite nicely. I was super impressed to see the nod to the Parachute button from 'Saturdays of Thunder' that I had to double check to make sure this detail wasn't present in the original car's textures (which it wasn't!). These textures manage to go a bit beyond what Radical did with the show references and personality as a result. Really well done!
Oddly, the Honor Roller in Road Rage actually doesn't use comic sans. Guess they got lazy when making this game?

-andrewmac1111 how up to date your launcher? I made this use 1.25 or higher. That's my only guess, it's not like I'm doing any scripting here.
I Using Version 1.25.1 Of The Mod Launcher.

Edit: It Still Showing up I/O Error!
What Is RequiredHack=EncryptionSupport? I Dont Have It!
Turns out it actually was an issue on my end. I just uploaded a new version try downloading that (delete the old one you have while you're at it).
Fun fact about Honor Roller: In cutscene if you look closely, you can see, that Honor Roller doesn't use Comic Sans Font:
Oh huh. I never realized the font on the Honor Roller in the cutscene was different. Interesting they differ so much!

Guess I was always distracted by the Wasp Camera present in the cutscene that just kinda gets ignored.

The font GamerOC with went with feels smoother overall however and more accurate to the show.

Made this a while ago. Feel free to use it in your mod if you wish!