Merry F'ing Christmas! [V1.2 The Street Race Update!] (Holiday Creator Contest Entry)

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The first ever South Park themed mod is here, and It's Christmas Themed.

The Christmas Spirit is down in the town of South Park but the Mayor has a plan to get it back.

Play as Mr Garrison and help the Mayor bring the Spirit of Christmas back to South Park.

Hope you enjoy!

Full showcase video. (Shows where all the Drones/Cards are)


Edit: Version 1.2 is Here!

New Update Includes:

Three brand new street races (Two Hosted by New Characters)
[Note: The Expansion Pak is unlocked after all the races are finished, this may conflict with existing saves if you already purchased it from the shop so delete your old progress]

A few gags (One completely custom, very proud of that :) )

Over 50 new voice lines for Garrison (Original count for voice clips was 24 now its 83)

Various Bug Fixes (Fixed the crash with Kyle's Kart image and NPC characters have the interactive thing removed [Due to not having that many good lines for every character] )

The update took about a week, which adds to its original two week development time.

Chinpokemon! Count me in :P
This mod is awesome! just a few issues i would amend:

  • Collision / skeleton joints for lights are not properly done for Garrisons car.
  • Garrison needs to be moved down a bit in his car, head clips through (and bum far above seat) and forward so hands are on wheel
  • NPC cars same issue - also wheels are part of the body and dont spin
  • some models have a few gaps (however this is a direct port so was there to begin with)
  • Character model faces are pointing down
  • NPC voices are default, be nice to hear some show ones
  • Scale is off, houses are bigger than anything else (however this is from original map)
Blame SP64 for the NPC car thing lol
This is amazing I hope there are more like this in the future. Love South Park. Great job
Pretty unexpected entry for the Christmas contest, but one I really ended up enjoying!

Before starting, I guess I should say that it's been...a fair good couple of years since I've seen the show. Kinda grew up watching it (my dad had the first Season on DVD) and I enjoyed a lot of it but haven't really seen many episodes since around Season 20, I wanna say?

I kinda have a soft spot for the more crude presentation of the earlier seasons and the slightly more immature kids, which this mod kinda manages to capture as a result of it using South Park 64 assets. That also being a game I really don't know too much about outside of it being the only somewhat decent South Park licensed game until the RPGs rolled around. I did play a bit of Rally's PS1 port when I was really young, but have very little memory of it and that's sorta getting off-topic. It's kinda nice seeing some nods to older material like Chef still being alive or locations that aren't seen too much in the show these days, like Jimbo's gun shop. It's pretty nostalgic for me! There's also a decently healthy blend of some newer stuff too, like some of the more modern characters that I noticed wandering about, or Tweek's kart advertising his business. It's these details that manage to make the town feel pretty connected to the show. Was surprised when I learned these NPC models were custom made and just assumed they came from the PC port of one of Akklaim's titles. Well done on that front! It all looks incredible.

Speaking of it, the town itself is also pretty enjoyable! It has a very simple blocky feel kinda suits the show's art style and most buildings are pretty basic in geometry. There isn't too much to them to explore, but they're still fun to take a look at and drive around. I realize the models come from Rally and the FPS game so textures aren't quite as sharp as SHAR's, but work for what they set out to do and the entirely new map is pretty impressive. If I did have to nitpick, it's that I feel some of the map sections are a bit too flat without much in the way of interesting terrain, but given the small size of the mod it's not bad at all and never feels completely empty. It's kinda cool once the player has mastered the map to cut inbetween alleyways to take shortcuts.

Outside of exploring the mod has a nice fair amount of hefty content to keep you occupied (Funko Pop Garrison is a lot of fun). Was decently surprised by the amount of cars available for purchase and the variety gotten out of them given the source material, which I don't think has as many remember able cars as something such as the Simpsons. It would've been fairly easy to just pull all the cars from South Park Rally, but there's some surprising originality here such as Kenny's Go-Go Bronco Kart from Season 4 or the Expansion Pak (I assume the model was taken from South Park 64?) or Tweak's cart which is entirely original. Prices for the optional content are also pretty reasonable too, requiring just a fair bit of exploration, but you don't need to ravage the map for everything to experience the rewards without cheating or grinding. Managed to grab everything despite missing around 8 drones?

My only real complaints is that the one mission in the mod is fairly difficult if you attempt to run it with Garrison's default car and the difficulty feels a little bumpy. For instance, the Amazon Truck stage is difficult because the speed of the car pretty much outpreforms Garrison's car. I kinda had to wait for his AI to slow down by falling behind and catch up, and then hope it got stuck. A later stage has you heading towards definitely-not-Hank Hill near the Library to grab some Christmas lights, and it's oddly not timed. Not that every stage should be, but the difficulty bumps feel slightly odd here and there.

Mr. Garrison also feels a little light on dialog. I only noticed about 4 lines of dialog when driving around while preforming the mission. Thankfully they weren't too frequent, but some more lines to further drive in the show's spirit I think would've been nice to hear? The cameo NPCs also have Action prompts indicating they have idlereply dialog, but I was a bit disappointed to discover they don't say anything and Garrison didn't have anything to say either.

While writing this, I also noticed a crash bug where Kyle's Cart's Phonebooth doesn't have a proper 'damaged' icon or appears to be named incorrectly? So hovering over it when it's damaged causes a game crash. There's also a minor grammar error in L1M0's mission briefing, though it's an easy mistake and just kinda nitpicky.

Incredible work! A lot of love clearly went into capturing the show's style with the custom character models and there's a lot of nice nods to some more modern Seasons as well. The map also feels pretty believable and feels like it respects the show's layout as well. With the content given for the player to explore and unlock, it's nice to see someone give the South Park IP another stab at the open world genre after that (rather promising looking) Xbox game got shelved.
Not enough swearing
but fun little mod
Update: Version 1.2 is out! Adds Street Races and Various other things.
Um, hello, hi! I'm SPSimpsonsFan! I'm so so happy that this mod is still going strong! And I'm really glad that you really put your free time to work on this fantastic conversion mod! This is easily one of your best mods ever created! as well as one of the best conversion mods out there! (besides Annoy Squidward). This mod is like, "what would be if South Park was an open world 3D game like Ubisoft used to plan in 2005!" I love this mod as much as I love South Park and the Simpsons as a whole! (I also like Family Guy and King of the Hill). Although is it okay if I'm willing to share my ideas though! I just thought it would make sense if my ideas would make this mod even better! (although it is okay if you can delay or disregard it as I really don't want to put much pressure on you! still thanks!).

My conceptual ideas:

1. It would be great if there is a way to design the interiors of each structures! as it makes the world feel much more alive! like schools are simulated with classes, or even add the other sections found throughout the show (sixth graders for example). I think there is alot of concept maps 'bout South Park that can be found mostly within the internet, or even the devkit of the original cancelled South Park game. It would also be fun if the world has an expansive countryside (like in Rally Racing and Fractured But Whole)! or just explore most of South Park's finest and iconic locations! It would be cool if adding most of the buildings, or houses of the town, and communicate with atleast kids (it's okay if it's using a generic South Park game model, still works fine like the ones I saw as peds walking on the streets!) This would easily make the game ten times greater and much more expansive! although what are your thoughts about it! It's okay if you have a different idea it's fine, just a cool concept made by myself!

2. I was thinking that maybe add more South Park characters in the game (I saw some models in the Rally Park Racing if it's 3D, as well as their voices? I think you can also borrow some voicelines in Stick of Truth and Fractured but Whole) like the prominent female characters (like Wendy, Heidi, Bebe, Red, Nichole (it's fine if she's either a silent or voiced character) etc. including some other female adults), Clyde? (I dunno if I found him in the game as a pedestrian), JImmy, Pip (since the mod was I think set way before Season 10 and 14?), Token, Principal Victoria, more variations on kids and adult pedestrians, and more characters from the earlier seasons? I just thought this concept would make the world feel more immersive and varied when it comes to NPCs! like it feels more alive that I get to see even the most recurring or background characters walking on the streets! Anyhoo, after all, you can make an alternative conversion mod for Hit and Run where its either featuring the boys, or other adults, but I still had fun using Mr. Garrison coz he has one of the most funniest lines in the game.

3. The menu where Homer was sleeping, can be either I think, um... reskinned with South Park (1998) menu textures? Where the school bus stop that shows the boys, or Mr. Garrison either teaching a class, or watching at home replacing Homer? I dunno, maybe the bus stop with the boys can be a seperate mod I guess. It would make sense that it's a South Park conversion. :)

4. This is connected to number 1. The map is basically the N64 South Park map right? well, adding more campaigns around the map could be an expansive idea! I just wanna see the results of what would the mod be if it feels like a South Park episode? that would be cool! (I observed that in the Annoy Squidward mod!) like a dynamic campaign route where it revolves around either the four boys, and maybe (just a thought) Mr. Garrison's campaigns can be side quests only? (works for different adults too! but it still can be disregarded)

I guess these are the things on my mind that I personally think would add much better sense in this amazing mod! It would be great if some of these were to be implemented, but it's alright if it's not lol! This is absolutely a masterpiece of a mod you got here The Hell Inspector! I would completely support you until the very last update, or conversion mod! I also wish you a good luck on making that other crossover mod you were making! I really hope you do your priorities first but you are always welcome to me that you created a wonderful concept about it! Thank you The Hell Inspector! I wish you have great days ahead of you! I will support you until the very end! Patience is always the answer!

As always, thanks for your hardwork on this mod! highly appreciate it! (I can say that to others as well) ;)