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Retiring as a modder

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[deleted user]
3 yrs ago (Statistics)
Hello there, community, it's Gordon

Today I want to 'officially' resign as a modder, more peacefully, without any hot-headed decisions and emotions this time

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has been supporting me and my projects, who joined my development and beta testing teams, I really am glad for what have you done to me!

Now, the reasons as to why am I doing this
First, it's obviously time restraints. Since I've started college last year I've started getting less and less time to mod the game, and thus, I'm just not sure I'll ever be able to release extremely big projects like that cop mod
Second, I've lost interest in modding. It's a nice hobby, really, but you're supposed to enjoy doing it, so what's the point in doing something you don't enjoy anymore?
Thirdly, I don't want to gather a significant amount of attention. I won't mention why
And lastly, I don't think any of my mods (well maybe except 2) are good. Surely, there are some parts here and there, but I should've focused more on quality over quantity

My general motto when developing mods was "always release the mods to let people play them", and I guess this was a grave mistake. If something is broken or unstable, it's better to shelve the product and work on something else after all

I'll keep my huge ted-talk regarding all of my mods in a spoiler so you don't waste your time reading through it if you don't want

Modding shennanigans

Homer's Adventure

Litterally my first mod. For it's time it was great and impactful, so impactful a modding team was born out of it
The mod didn't have a solid story or a gameplay or anything really, you just did random stuff for 3 levels purely as Homer
It was a fun experience making it, and I was really proud of it, since I, being a dumb little kid, was so excited to see my scripting not fail after struggling with it for like 16 months or so
I was only capable of scripting, no arts, no models, no nothing, but I was just incapable due to lack of proper experience, hence I asked a couple of people to help me
Thus the legendary Buzz Team was born, and because of my further lack of moderating experience, the next mod came out
After all that fuzz, I decided to revive HA with the use of newly released hacks and maybe even an extra level, but that was a total waste of time, thank god I realized it quickly

Springfield Noire

I honestly don't want to discuss that
Surely, the concept was brilliant, a revolutionary idea, a revolutionary setting, EVERYTHING could've been done, but I was super stupid and couldn't even control myself, not just the team
And so a member left, I won't justify my actions of what happened next - an extremely raw release with nothing but bugs
There wasn't even a clear story line! You just did cases until some prick decided to create a device of some sorts, eh
S***** mod, s***** management, nothing else to add

Waylon's Story

An attempt at redemption after a grand failure. This time the plot could potentially stand, and you played as a different from literally anybody character - Smithers
The main problem is the gameplay, I tried to cram too much features from the unreleased Homer's Adventure level I ended up killing the pace
Not only that but I didn't listen to beta testers too well and even viewed some as rivals, what a f****** joke I was in 2018
After all of that, I was so hyped up to see the Industrial Zone that I based the final level's plot around it, without even seeing the map properly, and thus I wasn't able to finish the mod and left it as it is
Tried to update it, but just f***** up the Custom Text instead

Homer The Detective

I actually liked the concept of this mod, gameplay concept that is. The plot was really weak and not described well. You just can't make the player choose in this game, it's too linear
The main gimmick is that you play as a cop, and you question witnesses. I've spent quite some time researching American Law Enforcement, and was really happy to see the concepts working, kinda
I also wanted to introduce a "permission to PIT" mechanic but decided going against that, too realistic or smth
The mod also had a pretty promising beta testing team…

Set To Kill/Sunset Beyound Springfield

This mod was born out of a forum thread from MACCA, I really liked the idea of continuing the game after a mission failure, so I wrote up the story behind Set to Kill, and thought to myself "hey that'd be a good mod", and I went ahead to create it
During it's creation I was extremely pessimistic about practically everything, which played a heavy role in dropping out of the development
I aimed for the difficulty this time, and, I think I got it, pretty much
Still, the story was promising, but the mod was never properly finished, and in the end I just 'left modding', which in actuality was just a break
Later on I tried to redo redoing the mod, giving it a different name and a slightly different and even a depressing story, and that was it, nothing else happened during the development. A wasted opportunity

Springfield Noire 2: Reinvestigated

Oh boy, as much as I hate the original one, I also hate this one
Not because it's bad, no, it's actually pretty…normal. It had a more solid story, an actual talking Morgan Brown, and it just was a proper version of the original clusterf***, dream come true, eh?
The main problem with this mod is, again, the team
The CMB Union started off normally, but the s*** still smells to this day, so I won't remind you why it wasn't your ordinary team
After I discovered a couple of interesting facts, I've decided that developing it wasn't worth it anymore, and just released the first two levels as they were. They're pretty finished though, mostly

The Curse Of The Flying Hellfish

For a long time I was wondering what should be my next move, and then it clicked - a mod based off an episode, how amazing! (no)
The story so far is literally Raging Abe Simpson but in SHaR, with like 10 cutscenes, so the mod weights over a gigabyte
The giant problem with it is that I literally tried to cram every possible cool and unique idea into it. Every next mission tried to push something stupid onto you, a f****** interior maze, a fake collectible collectathon, a police car chase, literally, what the f***?
I also had terrible problems managing the testing team, so I couldn't just get things done correctly, and after a while I decided to release it as it was

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon: Ace Cashier

This one, I actually kinda like too. I'd honestly have enough courage to call it my best created mod
It features a brand new map by Colou, which is greatly used in the mod, you just don't feel like playing the same crap over and over again
Then there's the matter of the story, it's pretty simple but it actually stands, nothing stupid to see here, nothing out of place
And finally, the gameplay. It's really spicy, and it's seasoned with some good music
Overall, I like this mod. It took me less time to develop than any of my other mods, and there are some things that happen because of game limitations(random trigger limit or zone loading crashes) or just my laziness(absence of bonus missions and proper rewards), but nonetheless, it's a good mod to be my last one


Overall, I released 8 mods
3 of them made a heavy impact on the community, 2 of which actually had a negative one
And I only consider 2 mods to be good
Cool statistics
Note: even though some of these mods were worked on as a team project, I solely blame myself for their awkwardness. I don't intend to raise anything negative once again, it's purely what I think of my own stuff, hope you understand

Anyways, thanks for supporting me and hearing me out
Despite the fact that I'm retiring as a modder, I still may occasionally release smaller mods or something like that, i.e., I'm not leaving the community, I'm mainly leaving Campaign mod development
Overall, even though I've encountered and made problems across all these 6 years - I'm still incredibly happy I got to join this community
Not only did I met awesome people, I've also learned programming, modelling, design, hell even English!
Thank you, Donut Team, you are the best!
Thanks for tuning in, stay safe

It has been a pleasure to work alongside you these past two or so years, even if there were hiccups. Hopefully this much needed permanent break from creating "big mods" will bring you the best!
Don’t be too hard on yourself, what is wrong with experimenting with new ideas to try and make something original? Its disheartening yet understandable why you want to break off from modding. It has been great working with you for the past 2 years, and weve both learnt things from eachother and glad you were there. All the best!
Was a good run partner. Played your mods since my lurking times (2017-2018ish) and I have to say, I really enjoyed playing them. Also the last few days on our little groups were enjoyable as well, and made me feel happy to be around not only you but everyone in the community.
I wish you the best & I hope this retirement will only bring the best experiences.
Glad you're not leaving the community & will be here to play more mods or release some smaller ones, as a former Radical employee said - This time as the gamer instead of the developer.
Wish you the best out there!
Not gonna lie, you were a good modder, Gordon.
I wish you the best!
It was nice working with you, Gordon. Hope your college studies end up very well and maybe you'll be back to modding! Just keep in mind, that Los Springeles still has your name on it. ;)