Is there going to be a OBJ file of the Level 2 map so I can do it on a ROBLOX project?

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I am really bored, I didn't have a Simpsons game map on ROBLOX. Somehow, Is there a download link of the L2_TERRA.obj? I would have separate meshes for it, I wouldn't really copyright any game. Also I saw mazexz did a Simpsons Hit and Run project, really cool though, I would never lie... Edit: With the map's data too?
I apologize, I’m not quite sure I understand the question or how this is different from the previous thread you created? Gordon provides the appropriate P3D file. You can use Lucas’ P3D Editor in order to extract the assets needed and export them as easy to use PNGs.

L2_TERRA does NOT contain any model assets if that’s what you are looking for. It contains a majority of the global textures used around the map, as well as the skybox. If you’re referring to already having to already having the appropriate model meshes that make up the map, it’s not quite needed as a result for assembling the full map. You’d need the others Level 2 P3Ds in order to get the appropriate .objs needed.

Going to go ahead and lock this topic as I feel it’s be better to just extend your question there as opposed to creating another support thread for a very similar request. Just go ahead and edit your last post. If you have any further questions, I can try to assist in that thread.